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Demonic Spirits/ Open Lines

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Emotional clearing expert, practicing exorcist, and professional psychic Jeffrey Seelman discussed his work with demonic spirits, how they manifest destructive forces and take residence in individuals and dwellings, and what it takes to purge them. According to Seelman, humanity is more susceptible than ever to demonic attack. "There's never been a time in our history where demons have a greater opportunity to strike at the common person and also people who are very influential, and so they're around more than ever," he warned.

Demonic spirits are powerful ancient entities that can be viewed as the counterpart to angels, Seelman explained, pointing out they may have never existed in the physical realm. They can, however, reach into the physical realm from the non-physical realm to effect reality and influence people on a psychological level, he revealed. Demonic attack is a common occurrence, Seelman noted. "I get calls everyday from people that are under the attack of demonic spirits," he said.

Demonic spirits communicate telepathically with humans, whispering things to usher an individual's downfall, Seelman continued. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of the human race, he disclosed, adding they do not want people to know they exist. Seelman described his process of clearing homes using modern exorcism, in which he first clears negative emotional energy from a location before dealing with the spirit. He often does this kind of exorcism remotely. "Anyone can be cleared from anywhere if you know how to do it," he suggested.


During Open Lines, George offered an 'I can't believe I saw that' special topic line. Jason in Bowling Green, Kentucky, recounted the time after he was released from jail and asked God to show him that he existed. "I started seeing these little things... these little spirits," he recalled, noting how he witnessed one man with three angels whose life seemed blessed. Jason claimed to have seen "real big angels" about 30 to 40-feet-tall lined around the church he attends.

Angela from Fairfield, Ohio, phoned in to implore any "good witches" listening to the program to block a hex that a New York coven is planning to place on newly appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Barbara in Los Angeles told George about a weird occurrence she had while eating soup at a restaurant with friend. "The bowl of soup started moving across the table and I hadn't touched it, and she hadn't touched it, and the table was level," she said.

The final half hour of the program featured a replay from 1/15/14 of investigative mythologist William Henry talking about The Watchers.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall

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