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Out-of-Body Adventures/ Colorado Lore

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William Buhlman has had forty years of extensive personal out-of-body explorations. In the first half of the program, he joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to talk about how to trigger out-of-body travel. "I found that there [were] methods to self-initiate an out-of-body experience," Buhlman said. He called the practice of initiating OBEs life-changing and something which causes one's whole paradigm of perception of reality to shift.

Buhlman recounted his first OBE in college using the target technique where the person selects and focuses on three objects while drifting to sleep. Once out-of-body, Buhlman recalled experiencing a vibrating floating sensation, witnessing his arm go through a wall, and realizing he was being watched. "I didn't communicate with them, but somebody was observing me," he noted.

Buhlman described his program at The Monroe Institute in which participants who wish to experience out-of-body travel are placed into personal isolation chambers and guided through Hemi-Sync exercises to rapidly get into the Theta state. He spoke about the similarities of the experience across the thousands he has surveyed, and what one comes away with after experiencing out-of-body travel. They realize they continue to exist, and the universe is multi-dimensional and filled with trillions of other life forms. "The whole idea is to open up to this inner part of yourself where the answers are, where you can begin to explore your true self," Buhlman revealed.


A brush with death is what inspired Stephanie Waters to take a leap of faith when she became a writer and founder of the Spirits of the Rockies Paranormal Convention. During the latter part of the show, she discussed her research into the forgotten legends and strange tales from Colorado, which included her own personal accounts. "I've been seeing ghosts since I was knee high to a grasshopper," she said. Waters described living in a haunted bed and breakfast where her nephew was influenced by the former owner's ghost to cut off part of a cat's ear with scissors.

The town where Waters resides, Manitou Springs, Colorado, reportedly has a strange magnetic anomaly, and legend points to a Native American curse as the cause for the weirdness. According to Waters, the place has an energy that residents must learn to channel or it can become a negative force adversely affecting one's life. She shared her belief that spirits are tethered to the physical plane by anger and negative mindsets, and thus hostile to people. "There's no such thing as a friendly ghost, Casper or otherwise," she remarked.

Waters recounted a fascinating true story from her book, Ghosts, Legends, and Lore of the Rockies. In 1985 Waters was in a mining town in Colorado to interview the owners of an old theater, and while there she had a remarkable paranormal encounter. "I actually saw the [spirit of] former owner of the theater and she was crying... because her name had been painted," Waters disclosed. Decades later, in 2016, she received a mysterious voice mail from the same theater, and it was revealed to her that the ghost of the former owner needed Waters to write her story to be at peace. "The ghost was set free by the truth," she suggested.

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