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Spirit Communications/ Dreams & Alternate Realities

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In the first half, author and psychic medium Joyce Keller talked about communicating with the dead, and such topics as reincarnation, auras, seances, and spirit photography. She detailed her own near-death experience at age eight when she nearly drowned in a lake. Keller found herself in a light-filled environment and met with an angel, who told her she could choose whether to stay or go back. She also recounted her astral travels where she met Lobsang Rampa at a monastery-- a man she was not familiar with. But later, she discovered this was the pen name of a prolific author of books on the occult and paranormal, and that he'd lived many incarnations.

During 9-11, Keller and her husband lived in an apartment quite close to the World Trade Center. A few days after the attacks, awakening from sleep, she heard a voice telling her to go to the living room, and "help people to crossover." Keller explained that "they had created a portal in my building and apartment, and the people that had just died were coming through and being released onto the harbor by the Statue of Liberty." During the second hour, she offered readings for callers using her psychic abilities as well as astrology insights.


In the latter half, pioneer of Active Dreaming, Robert Moss discussed his latest work using dreams to experience other realms and dimensions, and revealed methods to tap into the deeper logic of events, receive extraordinary counsel and have wonderful fun. Dream travelers, he suggested, can visit and return to parallel worlds and parallel lives, mirroring the Many Worlds theory that's been posited in modern physics. The afterlife is another possible dream destination, he said, citing how Carl Jung visited what he called "the Other Bollingen" during his dreams, a locale he considered to be a preparatory ground for the actual 'Other Side.'

People can live days or weeks within the alternative reality of a dream that takes place within just a few minutes of actual dream time, he further marveled. Explaining his concept of 'Active Dreaming,' Moss said it could be viewed as a kind of shamanic lucid dreaming, which a person accesses by focusing on revisiting or re-entering a previous dream. "I encourage people," he added, "to spend a lot more time in that drifty twilight state between sleep and awake because that's where creative connections are made, where we are extremely psychic and intuitive...naturally." .

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