Joyce Keller

Joyce Keller


Joyce Keller is a world-renowned psychic medium, best-selling author, consultant, and therapist. She has been honored in both issues of Simon and Schuster's America's top psychics, has written 11 best-selling internationally read books about self-empowerment, metaphysical development, psychic awareness, past life regression, ascended masters, life after death, the death process, what lies beyond, as based on her own near-death and cosmic consciousness experiences. In addition to her international television and radio appearances and shows, she hosts one of the world's longest-running paranormal radio shows.



Past Shows:

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Natural Remedies / Aliens & Mars
Natural Remedies / Aliens & Mars
Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body's ability to achieve healing through natural remedies. Followed by chemist Steve Colbern on evidence of Martian life, and his experiences with alien abductions and implants.


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