Joyce Keller

Joyce Keller


Joyce Keller is an internationally-known visionary, author, television and radio host, media personality, and author of six best-selling books which are sold internationally. She has been a columnist for Lifetime Television and is a certified hypnotherapist who has safely and successfully led thousands of people to overcome weight problems, and many other human difficulties. Joyce has been honored in Simon & Schuster's, "Top 100 Psychics in America," "Who's Who in America," "Who's Who in the World" and "Who's Who in Television."

A respected intuitive counselor, healer, and lecturer, she is also the host of America's longest-running, live intuitive advice show, "The Joyce Keller Show," which has been on the air since 1987 on New York's WGBB 1240 am.



Past Shows:

  • Spirit Communications/ Dreams & Alternate Realities

    Joyce Keller talked about her otherworldly communications. Followed by Robert Moss on using dreams to experience alternate realities.More »
  • The Bible & Supernatural/ Souls & Life Purpose

    In the first half, Michael Heiser, scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East, discussed his latest work explaining how the supernatural worldview can help us grow in our understanding of God. In the latter half, TV and radio host, author, and...More »

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