Mystery of FDR's Death

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Mystery of FDR's Death

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Author and researcher Steve Ubaney has been digging deep into the mystery around the passing of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He Joined guest host Richard Syrett to examine the potential suspects and who would benefit from FDR's death. According to Ubaney, FDR cultivated an enemies list of America's most powerful and wealthy families through a flood of legislation that led to regulating numerous industries in an attempt to bolster the economy. "These people would have done anything to get this guy out of power because he was costing them millions of dollars," he said.

Ubaney painted a rather unflattering portrait of FDR, pointing out how he stacked the Supreme Court to pass legislation, knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor a week before it happened, and did everything possible to make World War II happen. He spoke about the apparent bond between FDR and Stalin, and what the Communist dictator might gain if FDR was dead. Ubaney described how FDR reportedly fell ill after meals but would regain his strength whenever he was away. "FDR [was] being slowly poisoned from within the White House," he revealed, placing blame on Stalin who wanted him out of the way so he could deal with Harry Truman.

Houdini's Afterlife Experiment

In the first hour, Thomas Razzeto discussed the circumstances surrounding Harry Houdini's death and afterlife experiment (related article and images). Razzeto suggested the university student who struck Houdini in the stomach (causing the injuries that ultimately killed him) had been hired by a gang of fake psychic mediums who Houdini had publicly shamed. Before his death, Houdini and his wife, Bess, had a prearranged secret coded message he could use to let her know his consciousness continued beyond the grave. During a séance in January 1929, led by medium Arthur Ford and his spirit guide, Fletcher, a message purportedly from Houdini to Bess was decoded, Razzeto explained. It read simply, "Rosabelle believe," he added, noting Bess declared it an authentic afterlife communication from her late husband.

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