Ghost to Ghost 2018

Hosted byGeorge Noory

Ghost to Ghost 2018

About the show

George Noory hosted the traditional 'Ghost to Ghost AM' Halloween show, where callers and guests presented tales of ghostly encounters and contact with the afterworld. Nancy from Los Angeles shared an intriguing incident from when she lived in a small apartment in Lake Tahoe with her dog many years ago. She started seeing objects move on their own accord, including the sudden plucking of strings on her dulcimer which hung on the wall. Later, as she lay in bed, she heard the faucet running in the bathroom. Her dog (who had the habit of drinking out of the toilet bowl) went into the bathroom. He issued a loud yelp and came running back in the bedroom. After this, the frightened dog never went into the bathroom again, even though the poltergeist-like episodes stopped.

Debbie from Ashland, Wisconsin described a series of strange occurrences from her teenage years in the 1970s when she lived in a haunted apartment complex in New Jersey. One night they heard a knock or noise, and she peered through the glass door and saw a creature with matted fur, black glistening eyes, and fangs. A couple nights later, they heard sounds of a fight coming from the upstairs apartment. They spoke to a neighbor and found out she had investigated a knock on the door like they'd heard and was shocked to discover a hairy creature being attacked by two tall shadow entities.

David from New Mexico shared a haunting tale when he was on a drive several decades ago. He felt compelled to pull over and take a walk down the mountain. He gave in to the odd impulse and soon discovered a car had fallen over a steep drop. As he approached the snow-covered area, the hairs started standing out on his neck, and suddenly he saw a human hand. It turned out to be that of a young woman frozen in the snow. He drove into the local sheriff's office to report what he'd found-- he later learned that it was likely that the woman had committed suicide.

Making cameo appearances or brief greetings throughout the night were the following C2C notables: Mitch Horowitz, Sonja Grace, the Haunted Housewives (Cathi Weber & Theresa Argie), Nick Pope, Ian Punnett, Jim Harold, Bill Bean, Brooks Agnew, and JC Webster. The special concluded with George's rendition of H.G. Wells' "The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost."

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Haunted Objects & Black Mirrors

First-hour guest, paranormal investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley, discussed such topics as demonic hauntings, black mirror scrying, and haunted objects. The owner of an object may sometimes transfer some of their energy to an item (such as a ring they wore), which can be picked up after their death, she explained. If you gaze into black mirrors, she continued, they can become like a chalkboard or blank slate that facilitates communication as a kind of bridge to the astral plane and the dead. Speaking of Shadow People, Rosemary said they run the gamut from neutral to aggressive, and are able to manifest by drawing on energy from a land or place.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, John M. Curtis

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