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In the first half, registered pharmacist and nutritionist Ben Fuchs addressed the latest in health information and news, as well as natural remedies and supplements. Speaking of diseases like Parkinson's that affect the brain, he cited how the root of such ailments can begin in the digestive system-- this is exemplified by a new study on the connection between appendix removal and Parkinson's, he noted. Fuchs considers diabetes the biggest leading cause of death, as the condition can contribute to cancer and heart disease. A blood sugar problem is behind diabetes, he continued, and eating fewer calories is a good strategy to combat it, as well as the ketogenic diet, and drinking water after a meal.

Grains, in general, contain compounds that people shouldn't be eating, he remarked, as they are "chemical defenses" for the plants to protect their seeds. But sprouting grains can release their life force and make them more nutritionally viable, he suggested. In response to a listener's question about migraines, Fuchs said that various factors such as eating specific foods, or the timing of menstrual cycles might precipitate the headaches, and supplements such as CBD, magnesium, and B vitamins can be helpful.


Often referred to as the 'Psychic Professor,' Paul Selig experienced an awakening in 1987 that left him clairvoyant and able to channel guides from a higher level of consciousness. In the latter half, he shared the latest insights from his spirit guides, who consider themselves to be teachers or "ascended masters," and have dictated a number of books through him. In his work, Selig views himself as a "medium for the living," as he doesn't communicate with the dead, but rather is able to get impressions from those still with us.

One of the central tenets of his guides is the idea that the action of fear only claims more fear. "They encourage us strongly not to be making choices from fear, and they say you can't be the light and hold another in darkness," he stated. When you "claim the divine in another," he added, you can actually feel the energy field shift. The guides have told him that everyone walks around with a "frame" around them and the purpose of the frame is to fulfill itself. But the challenge for us, he pointed out, is that we self-identify with the frame when it's merely a concept. During the last hour, Selig offered readings to callers, as he consulted with his guides.

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