1977 Alien Abduction

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1977 Alien Abduction

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Retired lawyer and former assistant attorney general, Terry Lovelace, shared details of his 1977 alien abduction experience. According to Lovelace, he and his friend Tobias were wilderness camping in a restricted area of Devil's Den State Park where they had hoped to photograph eagles when their nightmare unfolded. He reported watching what appeared to be a triangular constellation of lights which sat motionless in the sky some distance away. "Then it moves, and it turns about almost a full rotation... it moves up into the sky," Lovelace recalled.

The forest fell eerily silent, and the two men experienced a feeling of calm mixed with apathy, he explained. Within the span of an hour the craft (related images) had positioned itself directly overhead and, despite the remarkable display before them, Lovelace and Tobias felt compelled to go to sleep. They fled the campground and when they awoke, found burns on various parts of their bodies, and were severely dehydrated, Lovelace disclosed. He remembered being inside the craft, Tobias screaming, "Stop," and other humans standing frozen in place.

"I also had... flashbacks, PTSD-related images from being inside this thing, and these things hurting us," Lovelace said. In 2012, a knee injury which required x-rays revealed mysterious implants in his leg that he described as looking like a computer chip with two wires attached to it (related images). It was buried 2.5 inches deep into his thigh with no sign of a corresponding scar where it had entered his leg. Lovelace claims he was visited by a Woman in Black who talked to him about the implant, then one day he felt soreness in his thigh and it was gone. Recent X-rays show the implant is no longer there, he noted.

Open Lines followed. The final half hour featured a replay of an interview with legendary television personality Ed McMahon from 10/19/07.

News segment guests: Dr. Tim Ball / Dr. John Curtis / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall

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