Time Travel / Great Pyramid Hoax

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Time Travel / Great Pyramid Hoax

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Writer and dimensional-energy healer Jason Quitt says he's experienced everything from ancient Egypt and Atlantis to our possible pre- and post-apocalyptic future. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to discuss multi-dimensional time travel. According to Quitt, this kind of time travel has nothing to do with the physical body and includes spiritual out-of-body states, astral travel, precognition, and remote viewing.

Quitt described his experience of other dimensional time travel in which he feels himself leave his body, project through a portal, lose consciousness, then return with no memory of the journey. "I would say nine times out of ten when I leave my body it's extremely hard to retain my awareness," he admitted. Quitt shared details from one of the rare "time jumps" he could remember, and in which he found himself being guided through an environment 700 years into the future.

Quitt recalled learning of a great war between alien races that caused humanity to change the structure of governments and economies. He reported observing a technologically advanced city where inhabitants could communicate with one another, as well as objects, telepathically. "These people that lived in that time, it was almost like they were integrated with an artificial intelligence," he said, adding the form of government was an AI presence tapped into every human on the planet.


Egyptian pyramid researcher Scott Creighton spoke about his work on what he calls the 'Great Pyramid Hoax,' which points to the perpetration of fraud concerning its construction date and the history of Ancient Egypt. Quarry marks within the Great Pyramid’s hidden chambers discovered in 1837 by Colonel Howard Vyse supposedly refer to the 4th Dynasty king Khufu. "I am convinced... that these [quarry] marks are, indeed, fake," Creighton argued, noting how he hopes the evidence he has uncovered will nudge mainstream Egyptology to take another look.

Creighton revealed how objects allegedly found in the pyramid by Vyse, including a coffin lid and bones, were radiocarbon dated several hundred years apart and not anywhere near the time of Khufu. He reported on his search and discovery of Vyse's own private 600-page journal, which he used as the basis for the evidence that effectively proves the quarry marks were hoaxed. He referenced a man named Walter Allen, whose great-grandfather, Humphries Brewer, worked with Vyse at Giza and witnessed the forgery take place. Faint marks were repainted and some new markings were made in the tomb, Creighton noted. "If it can be shown, proven, that these marks are fake, then it changes everything", Creighton said

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