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Technocracy & NWO

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The dark horse of the New World Order is not communism, socialism or fascism, it is technocracy, according to economist and financial analyst Patrick Wood. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to discuss how prominent early 20th century scientists and engineers proposed a utopian energy-based economic system called "technocracy" that would be run by those same scientists and engineers instead of elected politicians. Wood described the movement as "the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to distribute goods and services to the entire population" that proponents hoped would replace capitalism. Wood said that this group even proposed to President Franklin Roosevelt that he dissolve the legislature and declare himself dictator, with a bureaucracy composed of technocrats.

Wood believes that although America rejected the ideas of technocracy by the end of the 1940s, that its proposals are still alive in our culture with the rise of the internet, and the ability of governments and private companies to collect detailed information on everyone. With smart phones and digital assistants like Alexa, compiling data has never been easier, and actually falls in line with proposals that the founders of technocracy envisioned in the 1930s. "They knew that the management of data was the future," Wood remarked.

Wood pointed to China as an example of a perfected modern technocracy, with the government’s idea of "social credits" determining who can travel, get the best education, and live in the best housing, for example. He said that this has taken root because of government cooperation "without any pesky politicians wanting to protect the people." Wood pointed out that the largest tech companies are collectively more powerful than most countries, and the danger this poses to personal freedoms. "I salute technology in general" said Wood, "but I do not salute people who are trying to use it to control mankind."


During the first 90 minutes, Anthony Sanchez discussed his current interest in evidence for the ancient city of Atlantis, which he says has been located and "coincides with factual scientific evidence and timelines." He gave credit to YouTube channel called "bright insight" and research that he says shows that the fabled civilization was located in what is now the Western Sahara Desert in the nation of Mauritania. The apparent ruins are approximately 28 miles in diameter, which Sanchez said matches the description of Atlantis offered in the ancient writings of Plato. The area is known as the "Richat Structure" and is easily visible on satellite images. Sanchez also warned about "evidence of China emerging as a technological threat to the US" and the need to keep pace.

In the first half hour, Dannion Brinkley talked about his recent health scares and changes at the Veteran's Administration. Related link: Twilight Brigade

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