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Herbs & Aromatherapy / Maitreya Update

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Master herbalist and homeopath, Sara-Chana is a consultant to many pediatricians, surgeons, obstetricians, and midwives. In the first half, she discussed ways to enhance well-being using herbs and aromatherapy. While different emotions like anger have a kind of power we can learn from, her "Moodtopia" plan helps people gain more control over their moods. Certain herbs, she noted, can induce calmness and stability. Recommending tinctures rather than the dried herbs that typically come in capsules, she cited how blue vervain helps anxiety, skullcap is used for nervous tension, valerian reduces stress, and lavender combats sadness.

Herbs, in contrast to pharmaceuticals, are non-addictive, can be tailored in different combinations, and have no withdrawal symptoms, she cited. In addition to herbal tinctures, Sara-Chana works with essential oils, as studies have shown that smells can have an impact on our psyche and elicit good feelings. For instance, Ylang Ylang (from the flowers in the cananga tree) can be invigorating while making a person feel less anxious and more powerful. She also talked about how performing "random acts of kindness" can reduce cortisol levels associated with stress, and lower blood pressure.


For many years, the late Benjamin Creme (1922-2016) was a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM discussing what he believed to be the biggest event taking place in the world -- the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher. In the latter half, his son and daughter-in-law Julien Creme and Felicity Eliot updated the status of Maitreya, and his teachings and deep insights into the myriad human-made problems the world faces. Julien characterized Maitreya as a masterful being who came into our reality in 1977. Based in London, he has appeared, the two said, incognito on television across numerous countries talking about such topics as the need for redistributing the world's resources, and the establishment of right human relations.

Though he is thousands of years old, "he appears as a man in his prime, and that is how we will know and see him for the next 2,000 years," Eliot stated. "He will be at the center of society, and we will know him as a wise teacher," she continued, adding that masters of wisdom such as Maitreya don't come to do the work for us but rather to act as guides and inspiration. Creme said the fact that some view Maitreya as the Antichrist is a misunderstanding-- he suggested that the Antichrist is not an individual, but a destructive or distorted aspect of the divine energy, such as was manifested by the Axis powers in WWII.

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