Grassroots Activism / Messages from Seth

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Grassroots Activism / Messages from Seth

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For more than four decades, Ralph Nader has saved lives, opened minds, implemented solutions, and inspired citizens everywhere to participate in building a better, more democratic world. In the first half, he talked about his new book, a fable called How the Rats Re-Formed Congress, as well as how the rise of corporate power has abandoned the middle class and the disenfranchised. The congressional majority has refused to raise the $7.25 minimum wage-- that amount is not enough to live on, he declared, adding that members of Congress make around $100 an hour.

The biggest problem is that Congress and the Senate are not "under the control of the intelligence, goodwill, and fair play of the people," he said-- they are under the sway of giant corporations, who just want to make more profits and give out bonuses and special privileges to the top execs. The imperatives of commercialism have trounced civic values, health, safety, and respect for education, and the environment, he continued. Regarding the contentious issue of health insurance, he suggested that America look toward Canada as a feasible example of how a universal health-care system can work.


With a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost says he channels "Seth," the entity that previously communicated with Jane Roberts. In the latter half, he shared new messages from Seth regarding the awakening of humanity as well as how to create positive realities. He also talked about what Seth sees coming down the pike in 2019 and beyond. One such prediction is that a new economic system is in the works, with the Federal Reserve in the US being restructured in a manner that will better suit the average citizen rather than corporations, banks, and the "parasitic" ruling elite.

Frost explained that communications from Seth have a different quality depending on who is channeling him, whether it's himself, Jane Roberts, or Cas Smith (who Frost worked with on his first Seth books). According to Frost's channeling of Seth, the afterlife can be a surprise for many people when they discover they've transitioned into a dimensional space (the "home dimension"), and are eventually surrounded by family not just from their last life but previous incarnations as well. During the last hour, George interviewed "Seth" directly, and the spirit entity gave readings for callers.

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