Mark Allen Frost

Mark Allen Frost


Mark Allen Frost M.S., Counseling Psychology, has written eleven books with Seth, the celebrated non-physical author and educator who once spoke through medium Jane Roberts. Mark as Seth provides phone and email readings on all types of subjects to Seth's fans in more than 30 countries around the world. Mark lives in Lake County California with his wife Carol, an astrologer and blogger, and his four cats.



Past Shows:

  • The New Depression / Channeled Messages

    Investment banker James Rickards suggested that we're in the midst of a new Great Depression brought on by responses to the pandemic. Followed by channeled messages from Mark Allen Frost and Open Lines.More »
  • Contrarian Cosmology / Channeled Wisdom

    David Rowland argues that astrophysics has been wrong about such things as the Big Bang. Followed by Mark Allen Frost on his channeling of Seth.More »
  • Grassroots Activism / Messages from Seth

    Ralph Nader outlined how citizens have been hurt by the rise of corporate power. Followed by Mark Allen Frostsharing channeled messages.More »
  • Alternative Health Tips/ Seth Messages

    Pharmacist Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts. Followed by Mark Allen Frost on his communications with the spirit "Seth."More »
  • Channeled Wisdom/ Open Lines

    In a special live Christmas show, George talked with Mark Allen Frost who is the channel for the metaphysical author and educator known as "Seth." Mark and Seth have written 11 books together. Mark also channeled Seth to answer questions from listeners and to make a few...More »
  • Economic & Social Trends/ Seth Messages

    In the first half of the program, business consultant and financial writer George Ure provided his analysis of the economic, social, and political trends unfolding this year. In the latter half, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost detailed his encounters with the spirit "Seth"...More »
  • Seth Messages/ Open Lines

    In the first half, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost detailed his encounters with "Seth," whom he believes is the same spirit who previously communicated with Jane Roberts. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »

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