Legacy of George HW Bush/ Open Lines

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Legacy of George HW Bush/ Open Lines

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During the first part of the show, investigative journalist and Bush Family expert Russ Baker joined guest host Ian Punnett to reveal what he has uncovered about the life of late president George H.W. Bush. Regarding Bush's seemingly out-of-nowhere ascendancy to the Director of Central Intelligence in 1976, Baker noted, "He had a pretty thin resume... and he had absolutely nothing to do with intelligence," which suggests other forces in power behind the scenes wanted Bush in that role. According to Baker, Bush had been working covertly for the CIA for decades before his post as director, and may even have been under orders in Dallas during JFK's fateful visit on November 22, 1963.

Baker revealed a curious tie linking Bush to JFK's assassination from an interview in which the former president and Texas resident claimed he could not remember where he was the day JFK was shot and killed in Dallas. An FBI document from the time indicates he was in Tyler, Texas (about 98 miles from Dallas) at 1:45 PM, Baker reported. Bush had apparently phoned an agent friend in the Houston FBI branch to report he had information on somebody who may have been involved in the assassination. Baker thinks Bush was creating a paper record to show he was not in Dallas that day. "I'm not saying that [Bush] was necessarily in Dallas at 12:30, but... I found a small notice in the Dallas newspapers from the day before announcing that he was speaking, he was appearing at a small oil men’s gathering at a hotel on the night that Kennedy was coming in," he said.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Laura from Maine sounded off on the late president George H.W. Bush, suggesting he was a deceptive person. "I never got good vibes even looking at his face, or any of his family, especially his wife," she said. Laura also expressed her belief that Bush helped usher in the age of the New World Order.

Don from Kent, Ohio, told Ian he was listening to former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes, who suggested the United States is actually run by Jesuits. Don noted that one caller to the radio program from which he learned this nugget informed the host CIA stands for Catholics In Action for the Church's deep involvement in politics.

Charles in Elgin, Texas, spoke about what he believes was the assassination of his father and the cover-up that followed. "He used to tell me, you know, not to say certain things, and I guess I must have said something I shouldn't have said," Charles admitted, accepting blame for the death of his father.

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