Dearly Departed Special V

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Dearly Departed Special V

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In separate half-hour segments for the last three hours, George Noory presented six different interviews from former guests in the C2C family that are no longer with us, but are remembered through their words and unique perspectives. The first was the late Benjamin Creme, in a show from July of 2009. Creme described his idea of a "Maitreya" who he said is known by many names in many different cultures but is essentially the messiah awaited by many world religions. During the segment, Creme predicted that this figure would make himself known to the world "in the immediate future." The next tribute interview was with Stan Lee, founder and president of Marvel Comics. On February 9 of 2007, Ian Punnett spoke with Lee about his long career and what makes a good comic book character. Lee said the secret to a successful character is creating ones that "the reader or the viewer cares about."

Next was Joyce Riley, who spoke to George about overmedication of troops. She pointed out that at the time (2017) there were 12 suicides of Vets a day in the United States, but 53 attempted. Riley was deeply concerned that many service personnel were being given psychiatric medication for up to six months before deployment (in some cases, up to 24 different kinds at once) and more when they retuned, many of which were not even related to treatment for PTSD. Riley said that these drugs were doing more to contribute to the suicides than they were to prevent them, noting that "a majority of the troops committed suicide within a month of visiting the VA." Next was famous author Ray Bradbury, who said that as a child, he "loved writing" and "loved libraries." He predicted that within 20 years, humans would be living on Mars.

Jim Channon was interviewed by George on September 2, 2014. He talked about developing a group to gather information psychically, such as a team of remote viewers and channelers, as well as his remote viewing the future of the Earth up to the year 2075. Channon believed that the U.S. government was still involved in psychic spying because "if you have a really good thing going on in the intelligence world, you don’t tell anyone about it." He also discussed his belief about races living in the Inner Earth. Finally, Michael C. Luckman, the former Director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research appeared on a program originally broadcast on April 4, 2014 to talk about the Clintons and their relationship to Laurence Rockefeller regarding the UFO subject. Luckman said that Bill Clinton asked Rockefeller to stop talking to him about UFOs because it "was political quicksand and he didn’t want to go near it." Luckman also said he believed that aliens "have helped us in our development" as a species.


In the first hour, mystic and healer Sonja Grace joined George to discuss her work and a new book derived from stories from her native heritage. She referred to it as "a book of earth medicine and animal magic" that addresses emotional and physical issues by "helping people though stories to feel something." Grace said that her healing work is performed over the phone, but that through this method, she is "able to defy time and space by literally putting myself in front of" clients. She stated that she can remove cysts and even alien implants with her method. She also described two UFO sightings she'd recently had near her home.

News segment guests: Chuck Coppes, Peter Davenport

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