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Encounters With Angels/ Open Lines

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Author and professional intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson has been writing about angels and interviewing people about their encounters with them for more than a decade. In the first half of the program, she discussed the nature of angels and how to summon their help, as well as shared insightful messages given to her personally from the angelic realm. Angels can be seen as dynamic beings who are cousins to humans, Richardson explained, noting humans do not become angels when they die. She described her own angelic encounter with a female angel who appeared slightly transparent, with huge feathered wings, a white robe, and ringlet hair. According to Richardson, angels are here to help every person regardless of which religious tradition or belief system an individual may subscribe.

Like the angelic being in the perennial Christmastime favorite, "It's a Wonderful Life," sometimes angels manifest in human form and can act physically to save people from harm, she revealed, pointing out how angels primarily exist to guide humanity. "Angels really are around us all the time, and they're constantly sending us guidance in the form of synchronicities, trying to talk to us through our own intuition, through aha ideas or gut instincts, or even visiting us in dreams," Richardson reported. Everyone has a spiritual guidance squad made up of different entities, including guardian angels, helper angels, archangels, and spirit guides (humans who have passed on), she added. "Angels love you, they want to help you as much as they can... they do everything in their power to positively affect the outcome [of a situation]," Richardson said.


During Open Lines, Jim in Fort Myers, Florida, told George about the morning in 2015 when he was awakened by a loud male voice in his head instructing him to go outside. "I go outside and look to the north, and here comes two shiny chrome objects floating in about five to six feet apart," he recalled. The objects stopped about 100 feet away hovering 50 feet off the ground with shimmering waves of energy coming off of them, Jim continued. He remembered an overwhelming feeling of benevolence and receiving this message: "Don't worry, everything will be okay, we're watching you, we care about you, and we're coming back for you."

Julie from El Paso, Texas, recounted the day she and her parents were involved in a head-on collision caused by a driver running a red light. "I remember the car spinning around three times... and then it finally stopped," she said. The accident put Julie into a coma-like state for seven days, caused her to lose her hair, and left her with an undeniable conclusion about the accident. "I can say angels were there because they stopped my car from flipping over," she said. George also spoke to Julie about her experiences as a blind person and how she learned about things she has never seen.

Derek in Detroit shared a story of how angels saved him after he fell asleep at the wheel of a 3/4-ton truck while spraying the mosquito control chemical malathion. According to Derek, he heard a voice in his left ear urge him to wake up in time to avoid colliding with a tree. Derek remembered swerving into a farmer's ditch, where the vehicle was abruptly stopped and he was slammed into the dash. Miraculously, Derek was not injured at all, despite his chest crushing the steering column and his forehead crashing into the windshield.

The final half-hour featured a replay from 9/8/2016 of Marc Zicree discussing the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall

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