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Economic Conflict/ Time Travelers

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Consultant Craig B. Hulet addressed the global regime of economic interdependence and how it results in conflicts all over the world. Regarding the situation in Syria and the Middle East, he reported that a group known as the "ISIS Hunters" are fearsome mercenaries who have made significant headway in taking out members of the militant fundamentalist group. The US, he added, is using fewer official military personnel and more security contract employees to handle such conflicts. President Trump's assertion that ISIS has been defeated is nonsense, Hulet asserted, even if the US "created ISIS out of thin air" as a way to remove Assad from Syria.

Speaking of the US/China trade imbalances, he noted that while America is engaged in wars in seven different countries, China is busy building airports, roads, hotels, and hospitals in Africa. Looking toward the future, he foresees society becoming more like the Middle Ages, where the rich get richer and are cordoned off from the expanding poor. The Pentagon's DARPA believes their technology will save the military, he continued. "They envision soldiers swarming with 250 simultaneous robots in an urban combat area [along with] brain-computer interfaces for piloting the drones."


In the second half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg spoke about time travelers from our future, accounts of their existence, and how we can contact them. Around the year 3050, time travel will be discovered by a man named Taatos, who develops a machine called the Wormhole Linear Accelerator, he cited. The original time travelers or "chrononauts," Goldberg continued, are what we consider advanced versions of the alien Greys, wearing one-piece jumpsuits, followed later by hybrids who appear as human/alien combinations, and from an even later period, the Nordics or blondes. There are also cannibalistic Reptilians that have the ability to time travel, he added.

When time travelers are on their journeys, he said they have to worry about Men in Black (some are a kind of police force from the future), who will kill them if they're found. Goldberg also talked about one of George Noory's future lives, a parapsychology researcher named Xeor, who makes significant contributions in the 35th century. A male patient of Goldberg's described nearly dying in a mountain climbing accident in Switzerland. When he lost his balance and began to fall, he felt himself being caught by a luminous tall blonde. The being, whom Goldberg identified as hailing from the 50th century, displayed teleportation technology.

News segment guests: Andre Eggelletion, Sonja Grace

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