New Tomb Discovery / Guidance from Paranormal Beings

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New Tomb Discovery / Guidance from Paranormal Beings

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In the first half, Carmen Boulter, the director of The Pyramid Code, revealed an astonishing new archaeological find estimated to be 1000 times bigger than King Tut's Tomb, the last intact tomb found almost 100 years ago. Located in a still unannounced location in Jordan, a researcher searching for the Ark of the Covenant for 20 years, made the find via ground penetrating radar and a high definition satellite scan, she reported. The colossal discovery has three levels, she continued; one level has 12 rooms, another has 33 rooms, and it's estimated that it contains 30,000 to 45,000 tons of gold. Because of the vast wealth, Jordan has kept things quiet, she added.

According to Boulter's contact, the tomb contains a rectangular object with gold bars and melted rubies that fits the description of the Ark of the Covenant. Perhaps even more astounding, the site is said to house 1/3 of the lost library of Alexandria, as well as the burial sarcophagi of Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. Hidden from the public, the tomb has only been visited twice so far, said Boulter, who admitted that she has not seen it yet but was allowed to hold one of the artifacts-- a dagger said to be found positioned over Alexander's heart.


In the latter half, spiritual development teacher and medium Leanne Thomas discussed her personal experiences with ghosts, angels, and spirits from Heaven and the afterlife. She also detailed the differences in connecting to various beings, and why and how they help the living. Everyone has their own guardian angels, she said, and they support us and guide us to lead our best lives and fulfill our "soul contract." Angels have never lived human lives though they can appear as flesh and blood people, in contrast to ghosts who can only manifest in a more apparitional way, she noted.

Some demons are very lost human souls who over hundreds of years turn extremely dark, Thomas remarked, while other demons hail from dimensions different than ours, and bring darkness and negativity. From a spiritual perspective, she recommended that people become more mindful of the way they use their personal energy, and learn how to ground themselves and treat others well. To contact an angel, she suggested quieting the mind, and asking for a sign or signal that angelic guidance is present. Angelic oracle cards (such as her deck) are another pathway to retrieve messages, she added.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Peter Davenport

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