UFOs & Anomalies / Apparition or ET?

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UFOs & Anomalies / Apparition or ET?

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Tyler Glockner runs the popular Secureteam YouTube channel, which delves into UFOs, anomalies, and other mysterious phenomena. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) in the first half of the program to discuss his channel, how he chooses content for it, and what UFO footage has blown him away. Glockner's channel has recently surpassed two million subscribers and boasts well over 500 million views. He estimated more than 10 million people are watching his channel. "It should have the people in power worried because there's an army out there and they want answers," he said.

Glockner outlined his process for reviewing videos submitted to his channel each week in order to weed out bogus footage. The content of many videos can be vague but it is important to disclosure to put it out there for further investigation, he explained. "If I only posted videos that I was one hundred percent sure about, then I would never post any videos," Glockner noted. He identified footage purportedly captured by a thermal imaging camera from the Department of Homeland Security that shows a UFO flying quickly over land before submerging into the ocean as one of his favorites. "Are we being visited by something outside of Earth? Yes, indeed, one hundred percent... if you've done and seen everything I have I don't see how you could have any sort of different answer," Glockner added.


During the latter part of the show, filmmaker Chad Calek returned to provide an update on footage of a full-body apparition he first revealed in his 2017 paranormal documentary SIR NOFACE. His latest film, TWO FACE: THE GREY, re-examines this footage in light of a substantial percentage of viewers proposing the entity was not an apparition but an extraterrestrial commonly referred to as a Grey. Calek estimated about half of the audience that showed up for one of the showings on the 28-city tour of SIR NOFACE thought the footage showed an alien not a ghost. And only two audience members suggested the footage was fake, he added.

The footage which shows a somewhat solid, 3-foot tall apparition now believed to be a Grey was shot by Australian paranormal investigator Craig Powell. Calek revealed Powell was recently trapped in an invisible field where two men threatened his family if he continued pursuing the alien angle. "SIR NOFACE was able to do things that had characteristics that were unlike anything I've ever experienced," Calek reported, noting it could light up a room on demand. He also suggested he and Powell's phone conversations are being monitored as they can hear beeps whenever speaking about the footage as it relates to an alien.

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