Concerns Over 5G Tech / Police UFO Sightings

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Concerns Over 5G Tech / Police UFO Sightings

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During the first half of the show, guest host Richard Syrett welcomed Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University and an expert in electromagnetic pollution, for a discussion on the hazards of 5G wireless technology. The industry claims users are demanding faster download speeds and an effort to accelerate the rollout, scheduled for 2020, has already begun, Havas explained. In order for 5G to be fast it will have to utilize a higher frequency (between 30 and 300 GHz) which does not penetrate buildings well, so it would require numerous antennas for coverage, she continued, noting it will not be possible to avoid this type of radiation.

"I personally believe that 5G is going to be harmful... and to expose the entire planet to this radiation just doesn't make any sense to me without the proper testing," Havas said. The World Health Organization declared radio-frequency radiation (RFR) a possible carcinogen, as evidence from human epidemiological studies seems to show cell phone users have a greater risk of certain kinds of tumors associated with the head, she reported. "There is no longer any debate except if you bring scientists who work for the industry together with scientists who are independently funded," Havas disclosed. A recent peer-reviewed animal study demonstrated an increase in two tumor types associated with cell phone use for rats exposed to RFR. Scientific evidence is showing 5G is carcinogenic to humans, Havas asserted.


In the second half of the program, retired police detective and editor of UFO Truth Magazine, Gary Heseltine, reported on police sightings of UFOs. Heseltine has developed the PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings) database, which contains over 500 reports from more than 1,100 police officers dating back to 1901. "About 68 percent of all those 550 cases are multiple police witness cases... in one case there are 24 officers involved," he said. According to Heseltine, there are two main reasons why more police officers do not come forward with their UFO experiences: 1) the perceived risk to their career, and 2) the ridicule attached to the UFO topic.

Heseltine shared one of his favorite accounts as witnessed by a uniformed police officer named Eric Rayment and two of his colleagues in 1979 in a rural area outside of London. The officers saw a flash of light in the distance then about five minutes later a gigantic unknown object suddenly appeared in front of them. The craft was 500 feet above the ground about 500 feet away, and the size of a football field, Heseltine reported, noting it was surrounded by six smaller objects. The officers watched the immense mothership for several minutes as it scanned the local terrain before instantly disappearing before their eyes, he continued. Heseltine also talked about his work on Capel Green, a feature length documentary on the life of Larry Warren, original witness and whistleblower in the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident.

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