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Author Jason Jarrell joined guest host Richard Syrett for a discussion on Native American cosmology, which held the universe was three interconnected realms — the sky world, earth disc, and underworld. Each of the three worlds is inhabited by sentient beings of great power who are both spiritual and physical, he explained. This cosmological model is tens of thousands of years old, and reflected in the symbolism and earthworks of the ancient mound building cultures, Jarrell noted. "It must go back to the original founding population of North America to be so widespread," he suggested.

The underworld was a watery abyss ruled by a great horned serpent and inhabited by a race of serpent-like beings and other waterborne creatures, which could move between the underworld and earth disc via rivers, springs, and lakes, Jarrell continued. He connected reports of encounters with water creatures to these beings. "It would be a mistake to define these beings as mere myths or symbols," Jarrell said, noting these and other underworld creatures are regarded in cosmology as other-than-human intelligences who interact with mankind. The thunderbirds of the sky world were thought to protect humanity from the great serpents, he added.

"[Giants] were a recurring element in the general prehistoric population of North America that goes back to the original founding groups who entered the continent from Eurasia at least 20,000 years ago," he disclosed. According to Jarrell, people with this unique physicality were part of the base population and existed among Native American tribes into the historic period. Mounds of the Adena and Hopewell in the Ohio Valley contain more large skeletons than any other ancient burial sites in the world, Jarrell revealed.


During Open Lines, Michael in Greensboro, North Carolina, presented his theory about babies born in the 1970s (among which he counts himself) exhibiting different traits than babies born in other decades. According to Michael, children of the 70s, share the numerological root "7" which vibrates to the planet Neptune, an octave of Venus. "Anyone born in the 1970s has a strong Venus influences," he suggested, noting this makes his generation's constituents artistic, creative, spiritual, compassionate, flexible, open-minded, yearning to travel.

Danny from California reported on his involvement with a biological neural network involving people whose brains have received biochip implants. According to Danny, he signed an contract during his high school ROTC service which authorized the military to use any technology on his person. He read his manifesto of suggested policy the United States adopt regarding chip implantation and individual rights. Chris in Austin, Texas, talked about the book of Revelation, chapter 18, which speaks of the fall of Babylon. Chris believes Babylon is a reference to America, and the End Times are now upon us. He estimated we may only have a few years left before the end of everything.

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