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The Giza Template / ETs & Ancient Texts

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In the first half of the program, researcher Edward Nightingale joined guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss what he uncovered after spending more than two decades reverse engineering the Giza Pyramid complex. According to Nightingale, Giza contains a kind of mathematical calendar based on measurements of the both the earth and heavens, something he calls the 'Giza Template'. "We can look into the sky and follow the movement of certain celestial objects to measure this calendar," he explained.

Nightingale walked listeners through a series of images he provided which illustrate the mathematical connection between the Giza Template and Oak Island, long thought to be the location of hidden Knights Templar treasure. Numbers from the earth measure part of the Template, called the Lambda Sequence, were used in the latitudinal and longitudinal positioning of Templar treasure on Oak Island, he revealed. "The architects that planned Giza left a beautifully encoded puzzle," Nightingale said, noting how these architects also left behind clues to help solve the puzzle. Nightingale thinks there are too many shared points between the Giza Template and Oak Island for it to be coincidence, and believes he has solved the exact location where the Templars buried their treasure.


During the latter part of the show, Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok detailed the long-documented record of encounters with entities not of this Earth, from the secret teachings about Inner Earth and Pre-Adamic civilized humanity, to the many extraterrestrial races, and their relationship to humans. According to Tzadok, there are gaps in the biblical creation story found in Genesis which are filled in by other authoritative Judaic literature. These texts speak about civilizations that existed prior to Adam.

"We believe that here on Earth there existed a highly advanced, a technologically advanced human civilization that existed for millennia, and prior to the human civilization there were other more advanced species here on Earth that... went off planet," Tzadok explained. Visitations from angels, or extraterrestrials depending on your inclination, are really visitations from these pre-Adamic human beings who have been tasked to guide the Adamic race, he continued. When it came time for these entities to go off world, some did but many traveled to the Inner Earth where the continue to reside, Tzadok disclosed.

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