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Detecting Deception / Strange Creatures

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In the first half, an expert in deception detection, instructor and author Peter Hyatt discussed the scientific process by which deception is detected and his analysis of statements made by recent newsmakers. When a person switches their pronouns from "I" to "we," this can be a significant clue that they're trying to hide something, or move the blame to a larger group rather than themselves, he suggested. In the recent Jussie Smollett "attack," his manager initially remarked that a noose was "placed" around Smollett's neck, which indicated he didn't believe the report, said Hyatt, as the word "placed" seems overly gentle for such an incident.

Studying the testimonies of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, Hyatt concluded that Ford was deceptive, and Kavanaugh "was not able to issue a reliable denial because she did not give him something to deny." In his analysis of Judge Roy Moore's comments about the allegations against him during his Senate race, he found a deceptive style. He referred to this as the "good guy syndrome," where an accused person issues denials based on the claim that they are a worthy person. The recent remarks by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe show some deception with his use of pronouns, Hyatt continued, though other comments by McCabe he believes offer genuine confirmation for the existence of the 'Deep State.'


In the latter half, writer and illustrator Timothy Renner talked about paranormal and unexplained phenomena in an area called Toad Road in York County, PA. The sightings include Bigfoot, strange winged creatures, orbs, anomalous black dogs, and even a creepy 'Toadman' coming out of the water. The location seems to be a "perfect storm" for high strangeness, he said, with many of the events occurring along a creek. There's also a lot of quartz in the ground, which some have associated with paranormal events, he noted, as well as abandoned buildings and ruins in the area. In a 2010 case, a woman heard a strange scream coming from the woods. Then, two nights later, while looking for deer, she saw a 10-ft.-tall humanoid with extended wings, reminiscent of Mothman, rise up behind her car.

Another witness shared the story of 'Toadman' with Renner. Her car broke down in the area in the 1960s before the road was closed, and she was fearful of a creature seen in a hollow by the creek, though it was said to live in the river, she recalled. Renner found early 1900s newspaper accounts of a strange being coming out of the water as large as a man but without arms, around eight miles from the woman's report. An adjacent area to Toad Road that Renner calls 'Site 7' is host to strange activity and folklore as well, including sightings of white-colored entities and lights. He also reported on odd cases of what he calls the 'Flannel Man,' a kind of lumberjack entity that suddenly appears in people's bedrooms often wearing red plaid or checked shirts.

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