Mysterious Mounds / Star Seed People

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Mysterious Mounds / Star Seed People

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In the first half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his research into mysterious mounds found all over North America, as well as his ongoing work on the Nephilim, giants, aliens, and the supernatural. There are thousands of these ancient mounds, and some are very large like Cahokia in the Midwest which contains over 500,000 tons of earth. How that much earth was hauled together is a mystery, and he suspects ancient giants played a part in the transportation of it. Some Native Americans told the white settlers that they didn't know who built the mounds as they were already present when they got there, Marzulli recounted.

Many of the mound sites are best appreciated by air, he noted, such as the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio which reveals its undulating shape when seen from an aerial vantage. Certain mounds have embedded mathematics, and at some of them, ritual sacrifices were enacted that perhaps turned the sites into portals, he conjectured. He also talked about the evidence for ancient giants, including a photo of a six-fingered skeleton he saw in the archives at the Catalina Museum. Marzulli has concluded that floating orbs could be the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim, and they are capable of moving into "avatars" such as the Grey aliens, as well as shape-shifting into a variety of forms.


In the latter half, psychic medium Christian von Lahr presented his contention that many humans are "Star Seeds," inhabited by souls that come from alien or other worlds. As a kind of sacrifice, these individuals, he explained, chose to reincarnate here as a mission to save humanity from annihilation. These people were the prophets of old, he continued, and often feel different from others though they sometimes don't understand why. One way von Lahr can confirm whether a person is a Star Seed is by viewing their spirit guides, who appear alien in nature, with unusually shaped heads.

Star Seeds, he cited, have particular sensitivities to foods, sounds, and chemicals, and particularly colors and tones; they are often musically inclined or gifted. They have been incarnating here for millennia, and evidence for this can be found in cave drawings dating back as far as 40,000 years, which show signs of their handiwork, he said. A "bubble technique" can reveal where a Star Seed hails from, von Lahr suggested. If they blow a soap bubble with a copper wand, the colors will go clear and depict the constellation of their origin.

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