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In the first half, senior fellow at Discovery Institute and a former Fulbright scholar, Michael Newton Keas, presented popular myths which suggest that Christianity is anti-science. One of these is the idea that being part of a vast universe somehow conflicts with early Christian thought. The Old Testament has comparisons of the hugeness of the universe with God's love, Keas remarked, and modern scientific discoveries about the size of the cosmos do not undermine religious belief. Another myth is that people in the Middle Ages thought the Earth was flat because of biblical beliefs, but the Bible, he noted, doesn't take any view on the shape of our planet.

While there was a genuine conflict between Galileo and the Catholic Church, and the majority of theologians favored silencing him about certain of his theories such as that the Earth is moving, some were in favor of his views. Scientists of that era, he added, also rejected Galileo's ideas, and he wasn't able to prove his case to them at that time. Keas described the "extraterrestrial enlightenment myth" as a futuristic concept which positions visiting ETs as highly advanced beings whose interactions with us will lead to religions having to be re-thought. Blurring the natural and supernatural, he believes this notion is unscientific. According to Keas, the Bible and science cohere well together, when one applies the right interpretation to them.


Therapist and spirit release worker Brett Farrell has been working with clients for over ten years to overcome such things as trauma and addiction. He identified spirit attachments as a powerful force dominating people's lives, and has developed techniques for clearing or removing these harmful entities. There are a number of entity types, including spirits of the deceased, and dark, demonic beings, as well as thought-forms-- often conjured by the negative focus of the living. Farrell said he can track the attachments back to their source.

Dark entities, he cited, are generally part of a hierarchy and the oldest ones tend to be at the top and can be enormous. In the case of a lesser dark attachment, he followed its trail back to a huge being. "I actually stood on his chest to talk to him," Farrell said of his encounter in the astral realm. He detailed how he disposed of the entity by spreading his energy form around him, and then squeezed him down into a ball. He encasing it in a steel container, and then dropped it into the deep "sea of forgetfulness." Entities are around us all the time, and people need to be aware of them, he cautioned-- children are particularly sensitive to their presence.

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