Bigfoot & Antarctica / Consciousness & Awakening

Bigfoot & Antarctica / Consciousness & Awakening


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMary A. Joyce, Peter Schenk

Author and researcher Mary A. Joyce's website features cutting-edge and unusual topics. In the first half, she discussed her latest work researching Bigfoot as well as anomalies in Antarctica. Bigfoot are not all the same, she cited-- the smaller swamp apes are in Florida, medium-sized creatures in places such as North Carolina, and the biggest ones are out West (where they also seem to be more intelligent than in other regions). According to one 'Sasquatch Medicine Woman,' a creature she communicated with made drawings on a notepad (she left outside) depicting the constellation of Orion. Joyce relayed an account of a man named Wayne Wilson who lived in a wooded area. He reportedly became friends with a Bigfoot, who trusted him so much that they let him see their baby that was born in 2016.

Looking at photos and coordinates on Google Earth, she reported evidence for large possibly secret entrances to Antarctica's interior, one of which seems to have a dome over it. A runway, 215 miles away from any research facility, appears to be running up to one of the entrances, she added. The late Navy whistleblower Bill Tompkins (whom Joyce believes to be highly credible) described a Reptilian/Nazi alliance in Antarctica, where secret aircraft were produced. Many UFOs seen in the skies, she suggested, actually originate from the southernmost continent. She also talked about her research into the Cherokee Little People, and mysterious underground facilities.


Engineer and former technology professional for one of the world's largest investment banks, Peter Schenk, is now investing his energies and focus waking up the planet and humanity. In the latter half, he detailed his awakening which shifted his life from being part of the sleeping masses to a modern-day mystic using technology to bridge the gap between science and consciousness. During his awakening, over a six-week-period, he had the "gift of sight" and was able to see energies in everything. He said he was "schooled" by non-physical energies like the ascended master Saint Germain, who "taught me to do the impossible and see the invisible."

Later, he became fascinated by the work of Masaru Emoto, who worked with changing the energy of water. By concentrating on a container of water and saying the mantra "I honor the space in which you exist," you can change the quality of the water, Schenk asserted. Our thoughts hold power, he continued, and by focusing on positive ideas before sleep, one's dreams will be infused with that energy; similarly, by cuing up beneficial thoughts upon awakening this can set the tone for the entire day. Schenk announced that in the near future, his company would be releasing a new product called Phase One, which will help people meditate on a much deeper level.

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