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In the first half, pharmacist, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist, Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and lifestyle. For stomach problems, he suggested trying an "elimination diet" in which you make a note of removing certain foods from your diet, and see if your condition improves when you do. Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals can suppress the immune system, so supplements such as Vitamin C are important to counteract this, as well as reducing sugar intake, he said.

Fuchs recommends slow deep breathing as a way to improve health-- "it's [how] nature intended us to alkalize. Carbon dioxide is acidic. When you blow off carbon dioxide, you blow off acid. When you inhale oxygen, you raise the body's blood pH" and become more alkaline. The condition of seborrhea dermatitis (an inflammation of the skin) can be reflective of stressed out adrenal glands, he cited; and Vitamin B5 and essential fatty acids (EFA) are good to combat this as well as avoiding certain foods that exacerbate the issue.


Graphic novelist, academic, and professional witch, Sabrina Scott is a Ph.D. candidate in Science and Technology at York University. In the latter half, she shared her methodologies and insights into tarot and witchcraft, which she's been practicing for 18 years. She views magic as "creating change in accordance with your will," and for her that often involves collaboration with non-human beings such as spirits, plants, or animals. That is one of the more unusual aspects of her witchcraft practice, she explained, as the spirit voices she hears are incorporated into her work. Scott added that she grew up in a Spiritualism tradition.

When she does spellcasting, she creates new or unique rituals for every situation, sometimes factoring in astrological influences. In dealing with negative people or antagonists, Scott employs "mirror work" which, rather than sending out curses, is a way to reflect people's own bad energy back at them. Her dissertation is about witchcraft and magic as a technology that can change our perception of reality. "If you practice magic over time," she mused, "reality starts to look a little bit different." During the last hour, she gave tarot readings for callers.

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