Electric Nature of the Body / Understanding the Human Mind

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Electric Nature of the Body / Understanding the Human Mind

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In the first half, private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures, Roger Tolces, discussed the electric nature of the body, and types of energy healing. He also touched on the dangers of electronic smog from routers, and mobile devices, as well as the 5G towers, popping up all over. The human body can be viewed as a kind of antenna, he said, and the length of our nervous system, if laid out, would amount to around 60,000 miles, which makes us equivalent to being a coil. Researchers such as Robert Becker pointed out that humans have an electrical system, and one theory suggests that all sickness in the body starts from an electrical blockage in a specific area.

Tolces talked about his electrostatic healing system, a kind of battery charger for the body that's set up to form an egg-shaped energy field around someone while they're sleeping. Designed for a person with electrical hypersensitivity, it saturates them with bio-harmonious energy, he stated, and blocks external negative fields from things like WiFi, and frequency hopping. The radiation from WiFi routers is actually a more significant threat than the 5G towers because they're closer to us, he reported, and apartment buildings with numerous routers magnify the problem. Exposure symptoms he listed include weakness, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, buzzing, skin numbness, and irregular heartbeat.


Science writer Paul LeMay has been researching the nature of the human mind for over 13 years from both a scientific and philosophical perspective. In the latter half, he shared the 'Primal Process Theory,' which his co-author, the psychiatrist Dr. Hifzija Bajramovic, developed. It suggests that humans operate from three different default mindsets-- Fighting, Defeated, and Appeasing. Each of these can be adaptive and positive, LeMay explained, though if a person becomes over-reliant on one of them, it can be maladaptive or even psychopathological. Largely unconscious, the mindsets are by-products of the primitive fight or flight instincts of the brain, he added.

For a psychologically healthy individual, the three mindsets can combine in different ways, and this is enabled by the brain's corpus callosum and cingulate cortex, which serve to integrate various mental capabilities, he explained. "It's the integrating function which is really key to us developing a spiritual awareness," he cited. "Our souls are holding informational potential," he continued, and when a person is in a meditative state they can go beyond language, receive information at a massive rate, and see reality from a much wider perspective. For more, check out his video, What's Your Mindset?

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Mish Shedlock

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