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Health & Toxins / American Cryptids

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Jason Offutt, Earl Mindell

In the first half, Earl Mindell, pharmacist, master herbalist, and author discussed his latest research on environmental factors that create toxicity and contribute to poor health as well as his work on achieving happiness. Dangerous chemicals (such as leeched from plastic bottles) and herbicides can get into our bloodstream, and people need to be vigilant to maintain their health, he said. You can improve the state of your blood by eating healthy (such as a lot of vegetables including cruciferous), he advised, as well as by restricting calories up to 70% of normal intake or doing juice fasts once-a-week or once-a-month.

Among the foods that are naturally anti-cancerous, he included whole grains, garlic & onions, carrots, and legumes. Mindell praised Hemp CBD oil as a natural treatment for a number of conditions, but noted that it's not absorbed orally very well, so consumers might look for it in liposomal form, a new type of delivery system that bypasses the stomach. One way people can raise their level of happiness or well-being, he noted, is by taking in more negative ions. These charged particles are created by ocean waves on the beach, he said, but one can experience them at home by using an air ionizer.


Professor of journalism at Northwest Missouri State University, Jason Offutt is the author of several books on paranormal topics. In the latter half, he presented strange accounts of lesser-known American creatures and cryptids. There are the enigmatic Dark Watchers, described by Native Americans in California as human-like shadow shapes that would appear on cliffs and mountaintops, just staring out. According to lore, if anyone approached them, they would simply vanish. The Enfield Monster was seen in Illinois several times in 1973. A man described it as a four ft.-tall three-legged creature with pink eyes, two arms, and gray skin. Climbing onto the porch, it actually knocked on his door. The man reacted by firing a gun on it, Offutt recounted, and it was said to jump away like a kangaroo. Police later found six-toed dog-like footprints.

"The Demon Leaper in Kentucky," he reported, "looked like a living gargoyle that sat on the top of Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville. It had bat-like wings and claws, and people would mistake it for a stationary gargoyle until it was observed hopping along the roof, and eventually flying. Curious 'Space Penguins' were seen around Jefferson City, Missouri in 1967. The witness spoke of something akin to a giant metallic mushroom sitting in his field, and as he approached it, he saw something that looked like green waddling penguins, three ft.-tall with large black eyes. He threw rocks toward the object, and the penguins promptly retreated to the craft.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Peter Davenport



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