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Jason Offutt teaches journalism at Northwest Missouri State University. He's the author of five books on paranormal topics, including Haunted Missouri and Paranormal Missouri, in addition to several novels. He has been interviewed on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland, Destination America, Binnall of America, Darkness Radio, The Paracast, and other prominent paranormal podcasts.



Past shows:

Inside Exorcisms / Exploring Time Travel

Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti discussed the many exorcisms he's participated in. Followed by writer Jason Offutt on the possibilities and lore of time travel. More »

Health & Toxins / American Cryptids

Earl Mindell shared ways to fight toxins and improve health. Followed by strange creature reports from Jason Offutt. More »

The Paranormal Within 100 Miles

Ian Punnett welcomed author Jason Offutt for a discussion on his book What Lurks Beyond, which details a litany of paranormal activity found within 100 miles of his home. In the final hour, he was joined by Travis White, a victim of demonic possession who is profiled in the... More »

Last Night

Magical arts practitioner Judika Illes discussed how to use spells and rituals to harness the magic of each day. Shaman Durek talked about Shamanic tools and techniques to reclaim personal power.

More »


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