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Mueller Investigation/ Paranormal Interconnectedness

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Author Jerome Corsi, who received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Political Science in 1972, continued with his account about questioning by the FBI and the Mueller team in connection with their investigation. Corsi "was relieved on March 17th that there would be no more indictments," and that he would be a free man, in spite of threats he said were leveled at him if he did not cooperate. He thinks that Attorney General William Barr’s final summary of the Mueller report (when it is released) will not be "fundamentally different," than the special counsel's findings.

Corsi said he was brought to an unmarked FBI building for questioning, which lasted a total of 40 hours over many days. He claims that the Mueller team was trying to accuse him of introducing Roger Stone to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange before the latter posted leaked emails from the Clinton campaign that influenced the election. Corsi said he merely forwarded an email message when Stone asked him if he knew anyone who knew Assange. Corsi said he tried to cooperate with the investigation, but that the FBI "was hostile from the beginning." He was offered a plea deal, he said, but he said that would have required him to lie, to which his wife replied that she would "rather visit you in prison for the rest of my life than not be the man I married." Corsi said this made his mind up not to accept the bargain.


Author, lecturer and Fortean researcher Justin Bamforth has been investigating paranormal and high strangeness for over 20 years. In the second half, he discussed some of his many areas of expertise including Men in Black, doppelgangers, abduction, phantom photographers, strange individuals, and his theory of paranormal inter-connectedness. Bamforth began with the story of a man who had a visit from the dreaded Men In Black, but was not there when they came calling at his place of work. The two strangers questioned his co-workers, but "couldn’t wrap their heads around" the fact he was off work that day as they asked strange questions and made cryptic statements.

Bamforth continued with the story of Gary Sudbrink, who experienced strange voices during phone calls, which seemed to be trying to impersonate him while making creepy and nonsensical statements such as, "We come to be within this planet" and repeating phrases over and over. Bamforth provides actual recordings of this episode at his website. He also recalled the story of a family that was chased off their property by a series of events that began with a strange substance coming out of the walls, and ended with "skeletal" entities assaulting various family members. Bamforth cautioned those looking into these mysteries not to make assumptions about their meaning or origin since it could get in the way of deeper understanding.

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