Justin Bamforth

Justin Bamforth


Justin Bamforth is an active investigator and researcher into all facets of the paranormal—including UFOs, mental phenomena, the Men in Black, and other areas of high strangeness—for close to two decades. He lectures on the subject regularly along with consulting people worldwide to better understand whatever it is we’re dealing with. (Or at least he attempts to.) Justin has been featured on such programs as Midnight in the Desert, the Paranormal Brew, and the API Case Files podcast. He also an active member of MUFON.



Past Shows:

  • Science of UFOs / High Strangeness

    Authors Dr. Eric Haseltine and Dr. Chris Gilbert presented their new research on the science of UFOs. Followed by researcher Justin Bamforth on cases of high strangeness and Men in Black.More »
  • Sirhan Sirhan & RFK / High Strangeness

    Political Science Professor Paul DeBole reported on Sirhan Sirhan's parole hearing and the RFK assassination. Followed by Fortean researcher Justin Bamforth on his investigations into the paranormal and high strangeness.More »
  • Mueller Investigation/ Paranormal Interconnectedness

    Jerome Corsi told about his part in the Mueller investigation. Justin Bamforth recounted bizarre stories of the paranormal.More »

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