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Subconscious Power / Spirit Guides & Channeling

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Kimberly Friedmutter, Lee Harris

Kimberly Friedmutter is a renowned hypnotherapist who works with luminaries in Hollywood and politicians from across the country. In the first half, she discussed the power of the subconscious. Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, she explained, accessing a place in the mind that is receptive to suggestion. As opposed to the critical conscious mind, hypnosis makes use of the subconscious, and people can tap into this inner aspect of themselves to make profound changes, she said. Procrastination over making changes can be a "demon in the weeds," she conceded, and Friedmutter counters this inertia with a technique she calls "apathy to action."

Her techniques or "hypnotic hacks" are short brain exercises we can use, for instance, to find parking spots or lost items around the house. While people can experience three types of "drought" (periods of negativity) – short term, lingering, and habitual, the power of the subconscious has no expiration date and doesn't abandon you, she pointed out. People stuck in adverse situations or mindsets have to make changes for themselves, though as a friend or loved one, you can act as a positive example or role model for them, she noted. Another way to access the subconscious is to make requests via dreams, Friedmutter added.


Speaker, transformational leader, and intuitive medium, Lee Harris began holding channeling sessions and readings in his home fifteen years ago. During the latter part of the show, he detailed how he uses spirit guides to help navigate the Earth plane and the various challenges of everyday life. His guides initially identified themselves as three different identities (out of a group of 88) but eventually consolidated into one voice that he refers to as the Z's. "I feel them coming down and through me, so my own mind doesn't have time to process what they're going to say beyond about the first three or four sentences," he said of the practice. "It's kind of a direct conduit of energy that comes through."

The entities speak of the predestined nature of our time frame, an intense transformational period that mirrors what the whole universe is going through, Harris relayed. Channeling, he remarked, can be an important part of one's spiritual fitness, in addition to such things as yoga, and good nutrition. According to the Z's, humanity has been told a story about Earth that's not true-- the belief that our planet contains the only life in the universe. This was done as a means of control, and as that belief falls away, we're seeing an increased interplay between light and dark elements, Harris reported.

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