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In 1996, John Greenewald began researching the secret inner workings of the US government at the young age of fifteen. Via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests he gleaned files from such groups as the CIA, FBI, and the US military, covering an array of topics often related to UFOs. In the first half, he spoke about the latest developments in declassified government documents and his efforts behind building the Black Vault, his online repository of documents. Looking at the UFO documents on an aggregate level, it's clear to Greenewald that the US government's denial of evidence doesn't hold water, and that they have been actively engaging in a cover-up.

He named the Lonnie Zamora 1964 UFO sighting as one of the most impressive cases, given that Zamora was a law enforcement officer, and it was extensively studied by J. Allen Hynek while working for the Air Force's Project Blue Book. It was actually one of the cases that converted Hynek from a skeptic to a believer that a genuine mystery was taking place, Greenewald noted. He added that the Black Vault hosts scans of the Rob Mercer materials, a set of photos and documents kept by an Air Force captain who was part of Blue Book. Greenewald concluded that many of the Air Force personnel assigned to Blue Book did not take the UFO subject seriously, and there was a tacit debunking aspect to the mission.


In the latter half, James V. Hardt, President and founder of Biocybernaut Institute, talked about how people can change their lives through Biocybernaut Alpha Feedback, experiencing new bursts of creativity, gaining emotional intelligence, and even spiritual epiphanies. The training at the Institute involves a seven-day program, in which participants are wired with electrodes and enter a chamber. Via a feedback system, they learn to use audio tones to strengthen and amplify their alpha brainwaves.

Hardt shared several case studies where people with various psychological issues or predicaments were able to reach breakthroughs while undergoing the training. For instance, during a week-long treatment, a woman with multiple personality disorder (she had 13 different alters) was able to reintegrate her selves, after being able to find forgiveness for the abuser who caused her personality to fragment when she was a child. Hardt reported that a portable Biocybernaut home machine is in development that will be highly effective in raising a person's alpha waves during meditation.

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