Secret Door Special XX

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Secret Door Special XX

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Who's was behind the secret door? In our 20th Secret Door special, George Noory welcomed surprise guests and tried to guess their identity based on their voice (which was sometimes disguised). First through the door, was someone doing a spot-on imitation of John Lennon. The Liverpool accent threw George off the trail, and he was surprised to learn he was speaking with actor/musician Bill Mumy. Mumy recalled the three Twilight Zone episodes he appeared on in the early 1960s, as well as interactions with Rod Serling who was often present on the set. He also reminisced about his role in "Lost in Space" (which was originally going to be called "Space Family Robinson") and working on the Alfred Hitchcock TV show. Hitchcock, serving as the director, whispered to a fidgety Mumy (then 7-years-old) if he didn't stand on his mark "I'm going to get a nail and nail your feet to the mark."

Speaking in a regional accent, author/podcaster Jim Harold also defied identification. Just celebrating the 10th anniversary of his Campfire podcast, he also hosts a True Crime podcast, which focuses on unsolved cases and serves as a cautionary tale to listeners. Sharing a story from his Campfire show, Harold relayed an archaeologist's strange account, who had been working on a project that involved relocating gravestones to make way for a highway. During this time, he was awakened by a phone call and could only hear a strange whooshing sound. That same night, his wife dreamed of answering the phone, and hearing a voice say, "stop digging up the graves." Later, they found a photo of one of the graves by the phone that neither of them had placed there.

Third through the door, was palm reading expert Vernon Mahabal, whom George partially recognized. If you start reading enough palms, you'll see that there are trends within hands, he stated. Based on his readings, Mahabal was able to share several predictions including that the economy will heat up beginning in October or November of 2019, and continue on an upswing through 2020-2021. He also sees tension rising between Pakistan and India, possibly leading to a military conflict. In regards to the 2020 presidential election, he believes Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic nominee and have an epic face-off with Donald Trump.

George correctly identified the dulcet tones of author/investigator Lionel Fanthorpe, the evening's last guest. Now recovered from heart problems, Fanthorpe recounted favorite tales about Spring-heeled Jack, the Oak Island mystery, and a UK time-slip case, where a man briefly found himself entering the world of the near-future. He also spoke about a mysterious tombstone, and George played Lionel's classic rendition of "The Night Before Christmas," set to music.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Howard Bloom

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