UFO Controversies / Clint Lorance Case

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UFO Controversies / Clint Lorance Case

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Coast to Coast AM weekend host, George Knapp, is a Nevada journalist who has been honored with the highest awards in broadcast journalism. In the first half, he discussed the fascinating and controversial cases he's delved into such as Bob Lazar/Area 51 and Skinwalker Ranch, as well as recent developments in the world of ufology. His involvement in such topics began in 1987 when he interviewed John Lear about UFOs and cover-ups on a public affairs TV show called On the Record for KLAS-TV. Shortly thereafter Knapp covered the Bob Lazar case, which he described as a "baptism by fire." Lazar's claims about such things as back-engineering UFOs at Area 51 were initially difficult to digest, said Knapp, yet much of his story was able to be corroborated, including efforts by his employers to wipe out records about him.

Over time, Knapp has concluded that what we think of as aliens are not likely extraterrestrial in nature, and while he doesn't suspect that major government disclosure is forthcoming, he does believe we've entered an exciting period of "confirmation" on the UFO subject, sparked by significant media coverage of the Pentagon's secret UFO study revealed in 2017. One of the people who worked with the Pentagon on the study was entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, whom Knapp has long been acquainted. In fact, it was Bigelow who sponsored Art Bell's early radio program Area 2000, which Knapp and Linda Moulton Howe reported for. Bigelow, he added, owned Skinwalker Ranch in Utah-- a haven for strange and disturbing activity, and set it up as study center of anomalous phenomena for his NIDS organization.


Don Brown served as an administrative law attorney at the Pentagon on the staff of the Navy Judge Advocate General, where he drafted legal memoranda for the Secretary of the Navy and drafted legal opinion papers for the Secretary. In the latter half, he talked about the case of Lt. Clint Lorance, an 82nd Airborne officer who is serving 19 years at Fort Leavenworth for "double murder" – on his orders, his team fired on a speeding motorcycle charging their position on an active battlefield in Afghanistan in July 2012. Brown considers this a huge miscarriage of justice and is fighting for the release of Lorance. He was critical of the military's restrictive rules of engagement, favoring the lives of the Taliban over US soldiers.

Because no weapons were found on the Afghans riding the motorcycle, the military court railroaded Lorance with the charges, said Brown, as part of a bureaucratic policy that is undermining the military. Further, he cited that biometric testing evidence was withheld which revealed that the men killed on the motorcycle were involved in bomb-making or terrorist activities. Brown suggested that people call the White House (202-456-1414) and "ask the President to sign the order to disapprove the court-martial findings of Clinton Lorance, to set him free, and put him back on active duty." For more details on the Lorance case, visit Brown's Facebook page.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Lauren Weinstein

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