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Forbidden Archaeology / Paranormal & the Multiverse

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On the cutting edge of science and culture issues, dissident researcher, Michael Cremo, addressed the recent report of a new species of ancient humans found in the Philippines - Homo luzonensis. He also discussed his continuing work in forbidden archaeology and human origins including artifacts and discoveries that don't fit into conventional timelines and theories of academic and scientific communities. The excavation in the Philippines, which included small bones and teeth, is believed to be over 50,000 years old and represents a human-type species that is different from our branch. "This calls to mind," Cremo said, "one of the statements of the ancient Sanskrit writing of India which tell us there are 400,000 human-like species existing in this universe we inhabit."

Formerly, archaeologists adopted a very linear conception of the development of humanity but that is beginning to change, he noted, as "they've discovered the pattern seems to be one of co-existence rather than linear evolution" so that you have many different human-type species living at the same time. The archaeologist, who made the discovery in the Philippines, also found stone tools and a butchered rhino skeleton in Luzon, in layers of rock dating back some 700,000 years, which starts getting into the range of what Cremo calls "forbidden archaeology." He detailed some of the anomalous findings he's researched such as the inexplicable grooved spheres found in South Africa dating back some 2.8 billion years, as well as shared his contention that we exist in a consciousness-based universe that was designed to give us various types of experiences so that we can understand our true nature.


Paul Eno was one of the first paranormal investigators of the early 1970s, beginning while he was studying for the priesthood. He graduated from two seminaries but was expelled from a third because of his paranormal work. In the latter half, he explored how paranormal phenomena may connect to the idea of the multiverse (parallel worlds), which could be the engine that powers everything in human consciousness. Back in 1973, he assisted at some exorcisms held at a state hospital in New York-- in one case a bowl of soup flew out of a patient's hands and hit the ceiling, and a voice that identified itself as an entity called "Chall" said things in a foreign language about the death of Eno's father that it couldn't possibly have known.

Eno has concluded that rather than demons, in such cases what's being encountered is a kind of parasite that actually feeds on dramatic events like exorcisms, so this is generally not the best approach for dealing with them. He suggested there are nine different types of such parasites and to counter them techniques such as fresh air, laughter, and happy thoughts can be helpful. In the case of ghost sightings, rather than spirits of the departed, they may be people who are being seen through the membrane of a parallel world. While investigating a woman's ghostly encounter at the state hospital, Eno put himself in a meditative state, and had a conversation with a man named Gilbert, who said he was waiting for his wife across the river. Eno's interpretation was that this man was a "neighbor" – someone living in a parallel world, rather than a ghost.

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