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In the first half, nutrition expert, John A. McDougall, M.D., discussed environmental issues related to food and how eating a starch-based diet free of animal products can restore health and reverse chronic disease. While living in Hawaii, many of his patients were elderly Asians who had immigrated to the US, and maintained their diet high in rice and vegetables. But their children, he noted, dined the 'American way' eating a lot of rich foods, including dairy and meat, and began to come down with chronic diseases. He pointed out that the early research of Harold Percival Himsworth and Shirley Sweeney found that diets high in carbohydrates improve blood sugar control.

He also recalled his resolute efforts in the 1970s to reveal how talc was being used to mill brown rice into white, and thus exposing people to asbestos. After his fight with US rice companies, they ended up removing talc from their products, and instead used glucose in the milling process. For heart patients, the vegetarian diet he advocates is far cheaper and safer than bypass surgery, he argued. McDougall also spoke about the loss of his home and all his possessions in the catastrophic wildfires that swept through Santa Rosa, CA in 2017.


Internationally known psychic from Budapest, Hungary, Maria D'Andrea has worked with military and law enforcement, tracking missing people and objects. In the latter half, she talked about her latest work using the gifts of pets and how they can be a real ally in the world of magic, witchcraft and the occult. Psychic communications come to D'Andrea in a passive listening mode, whereas her shamanic or Wiccan rituals take a more active stance. Animals (or even objects) that she referred to as "familiars" can be summoned on a spiritual level to assist people in their goals, she stated. One example she cited is someone focusing on the spirit of a bear to deal with being mentally attacked by a co-worker.

She described the varying qualities of cats, dogs, horses, birds, and fish which can all serve as familiars, depending on the needs of the practitioner. D'Andrea detailed a simple spell for increasing prosperity-- tying a string around a lemon and hanging it in a room. Within 10-12 days, money or the opportunity to make money will arise, she claimed. She also talked about how different brain wave frequencies such as alpha and theta are associated with psychic intuitions, and offered readings for callers in the last hour.

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