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Assassination Anomalies / Spirit Guides & Clairvoyance

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Paul DeBole is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lasell College, where he teaches courses including Conspiracy in American Politics. In the first half, he discussed the presidency of Abraham Lincoln and the numerous anomalies surrounding him and John Wilkes Booth. More than 150 years after Lincoln's assassination, unanswered questions remain. One of the most interesting contentions, he relayed, is that Booth was not killed at a Virginia farm in 1865-- rather it was someone who looked like him, and Booth moved out West and lived till the early part of the 20th century. After Booth's purported death in 1865, he was autopsied, and a couple of his vertebrae were kept at the Walter Reed Hospital. It would be a simple matter, said DeBole, to run DNA tests on the bones and compare them to a descendant in the Booth family to verify whether the man killed in 1865 was indeed John Wilkes Booth.

The initial plot was to kidnap President Lincoln, DeBole continued, and conspirators planned to overwhelm his security force, and demand a ransom and the release of Confederate prisoners. Boardinghouse owner Mary Surratt, who was linked to Booth, was said to be one of the masterminds of the assassination, he added. DeBole also talked about the murders of JFK and his brother Bobby Kennedy. Lesser known than the Zapruder film, the Orville Nix film (which was confiscated by the FBI), clearly shows a gunshot coming from the front, he stated, in the direction of the Grassy Knoll. In the case of the RFK shooting, a lot of evidence went missing, and possibly someone in Kennedy's entourage accidentally shot Bobby, he suggested, while trying to defend him from Sirhan Sirhan's missed gunfire.


Former engineer at a Fortune 500 Company, Dr. Lauren Cielo is now a professional clairvoyant healer and teacher. He spoke about his journeys to the astral planes, mingling with the spirits that inhabit the celestial realm and serve as guides offering insights to his clients. One of the guides he regularly works with is a "healing master" whom he calls Ankaijia combining Egyptian and Mayan names. As a clairvoyant, Cielo sees energy frequencies or vibrations and information that looks like little TV pictures. To answer questions for clients, he looks over to the astral realm to determine whether the person's higher self has made a contract for a specific outcome and then looks back at the person's earthly energy signatures to see if they have any resistance to living out that contract.

The guides might provide counter-intuitive or surprising suggestions when a person is trying to work out challenges, such as when they told Cielo to go surfing when he was trying to heal a rift with his mother. Looking at alien interactions, he views these as encounters with foreign energies-- beings without bodies, and such visitations generally take place during an altered mental state. Transitioning to the afterlife is actually easier than being born into a body, he said, and involves a review of one's contracts, and putting one's most recent life in context with previous incarnations.

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