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Earth's Lost Civilization / Cayce on Angels

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Raising questions about humanity's history and prehistory, bestselling author Graham Hancock has challenged the entrenched views of orthodox scholars. In the first half, he discussed his new work on archaeological and DNA evidence that shows an advanced civilization was lost to history in a global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age. He reported on a recent landmark discovery that indicates there was a human settlement in North America dating back at least 130,000 years. The find in Southern California, which he believes alters the concept of human history, is based on mastodon bones that showed evidence of human scavenging. He also connected DNA found in Amazonian tribes in South America to people in Papua New Guinea and the aborigines in Australia. This tells us that "the story we've been told about the peopling of the Americas has to be wrong," said Hancock. They can't only have come via land bridges from Siberia to Alaska.

The lore of monstrous winged serpents in the ancient Egyptian netherworld is also present in the mound builder culture of the Americas. Rather than a missionary trip by the Egyptians, he believes that "both ancient America and ancient Egypt received a legacy from an earlier civilization" and that legacy was passed down all around the world, which explains the many mysterious similarities of this kind. Hancock has concluded that some 12,800 years ago, cataclysmic fragments from a comet plowed into North America-- as evidenced by identical oval-shaped basins in the Carolinas and Nebraska. Further, he suggests that North America (itself a giant island) was likely the location of Atlantis as referred to in Plato's text.


In the latter half, Kevin Todeschi, executive director and CEO of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, talked about how Cayce's psychic material, delivered in a kind of trance state, continues to speak to us today. Called the "father of holistic medicine," his prolific readings diagnosed illnesses (Baar Products supplies many of Cayce's suggested treatments), as well as revealed past lives and future prophecies. He detailed Cayce's numerous references to guardian angels and spirit guides who assist humans on their earthly path. Cayce had his own angelic encounter at age 13 with a female spirit, and shortly thereafter he developed the ability to gain information while asleep or in an unconscious state, Todeschi recounted.

When Cayce was first giving readings around 1910, he worked with a spirit guide, who appeared as a tall Middle-Eastern man wearing white regalia and a turban. Some of the people he was giving readings to were his business partners at the time, and unbeknownst to Cayce (in his trance state), they were trying to extract information about horse racing bets and investments (rather than health), Todeschi continued. Cayce then received a waking visit from a person that looked like the spirit guide who told him "you are in business with the wrong people," before he disappeared. From Cayce's perspective, the "fallen angels" spoken of in the Bible are here to keep an eye on those who've fallen off the spiritual path, while other angels are particularly concerned about helping people complete specific works or projects.

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