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Perception & the Unseen World / Open Lines

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Exploring encounters with an unseen realm, neuroscientist Robert Davis joined Richard Syrett in the first half to discuss how he integrates scientific studies and theories with personal accounts of spiritual awakening. He covered concepts of the mind-brain connection like neuroscience, quantum physics, ESP, and near-death and out-of-body experiences to help develop a wider perspective. Davis said that "there is legitimate evidence that suggests that there is a separation of consciousness from reality" based on evidence provided from those with near-death experiences, meditators, and even UFO witnesses. He said that while there are some who may have brain abnormalities or disorders, there are many who are seemingly well-adjusted and competent to report these experiences.

Davis pointed out that it ultimately does not matter if extraordinary experiences are merely "in the mind" or not. What matters the most, he said, is that those who have them are often profoundly changed in basic ways. The rates of divorce are higher for those who have had a near-death experience, and many seem like victims of PTSD. He went on to describe some of the effects of a "peak experience" as often positive for the individual, such as those who have a UFO encounter. While Davis was careful to express his opinions as hypotheses for the majority of the program, he did mention that there is "ample evidence in my mind to demonstrate that ESP is valid."


During Open Lines in the latter half, Kevin called from Manitoba, Canada to express his concern about nuclear power, and particularly the Fukushima disaster since he believes that Japan is growing food in the area of the accident and exporting it to the world. Ed from Oregon described his near-death experience where three beings appeared to him and told him he had to return by showing him his whole life, including the future where "everything they showed me [later] materialized." Doug called in from New Jersey to tell of an accident where he drowned in a frozen lake and woke up to see his brother taking him away on a snowmobile while Doug appeared to be "in two places at the same time and watching the dilemma unfold."

Mary from New Jersey registered her concern with the practice of using dead animals, especially cats, for dissection in schools. "I think they’re making the kids cold-blooded," she said. Kevin in Minnesota expressed his amazement at the miraculous recovery of the five-year-old boy who was recently thrown 40 feet by an attempted murderer and sustained serious injuries. Brenda in West Virginia had a paranormal experience "just this week" when her late mother appeared to her and assured her that a family dilemma would work out well, which it did. Joanne from New York commented on the earlier caller’s concern for dissected animals since she said she was a nurse and used the animals in her training. She wanted to assure Mary that "they have a high place in heaven because they gave themselves up for a noble purpose."

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