Climate Controversies / Astral Projection & Entities

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Climate Controversies / Astral Projection & Entities

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In the first half, retired climatology professor Tim Ball shared his views on the global debate over climate change. While he doesn't deny that climate change is taking place, he sees it as part of natural cycles or variabilities rather than something caused by humans and the industrial byproduct of greenhouse gases. Environmental issues and climate change have become politicized, he argued, and the world has been misled by alarmist threats. For example, the 1930s were much hotter than today, he stated, but meteorological organizations changed the record to make it appear that the past was cooler. The US government funds climate research with huge amounts of money, but it only supports the man-made global warming hypothesis, he lamented.

The predictions made on the original Earth Day in 1970 have not panned out, such as the ice caps melting, sea level rising, desertification, and deforestation-- "there is no truth to any of these things," Ball claimed, calling it a kind of "cry wolf" scenario. World overpopulation is another myth, he continued-- we produce enough food to feed approximately 26 billion people, though he conceded a lot of this never makes it to the table. Underlying the entire environmental movement is a kind of anti-humanity stance, he commented, but the reality is, we have as much right to exist and act as all the other animals, and in the Darwinian sense people are the most successful of all the species.


In the latter half, psychic researcher Robert Bruce discussed his decades of work on astral projection and how the mind is subject to influences from many unseen spiritual sources including low-level astral entities. Real-time astral projection is akin to being a "ghost in the real world. You can almost touch things-- it's like being slightly out-of-phase with reality," he detailed. When you astral project, "you're splitting the available consciousness energy" between the physical body and the astral realm, he explained, adding that there is no limit where you can go when out-of-body. For instance, on one of his adventures (which mirrors what Robert Monroe described), he traveled to edge of the universe and came up against a gargantuan brick wall where each brick was the size of a galaxy. While floating in space, he used his mind to break through, and beyond the wall, he glimpsed primordial forces like exploding suns.

Outlining techniques for psychic self-defense, Bruce suggested that people are susceptible to a wide range of opportunistic astral wildlife, which can cause various kinds of interference. However, these lower forms are relatively easy to get rid of or defend against, he cited. Simply taking a shower or being around running water can eliminate these negative energies, as the water creates a kind of electrical grounding, he noted. Sleeping on grounded sheets is another method of warding off entities, as well as taking salt baths, and using strong scents like frankincense and Tiger Balm.

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