Cases and History of Demonology

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Cases and History of Demonology

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Author and lecturer Michelle Belanger has been featured on the TV show "Paranormal State," and currently works on TV shows in production. During the middle two hours, she spoke about the history of demonology, and her casework in the field. Discussing the multiplicity of religions and cultures, she noted that "one man's demon is another man's god," but in the Judeo-Christian tradition, demons are typically thought of as fallen angels. She classifies these entities as non-human, though they seem to be concerned in our affairs. As to whether demons could actually be aliens, we can't say for sure, Belanger remarked, adding that in the Book of Enoch, they are described as having an appearance distinct from humans.

She recalled her work with the late demonologist and paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren during episodes of Paranormal State. Warren considered things like Ouija boards and Tarot cards to be portals for dark forces, while Belanger views these more as tools that can facilitate both positive and negative consequences. During an investigation at a house in Rochester, NY, Belanger said she was unnerved by a possibly possessed man's face, which looked like an entirely different person at various points during the day. When mental illness is paired with demonic phenomena, she pointed out that it can be difficult to discern which came first, and recommended that in seeking help, people may wish to combine spiritual and psychiatric approaches.

Grief Therapy

Induced After Death Communication (IADC) is a therapy for grief and trauma that has helped thousands communicate with their departed loved ones. In the first hour, counselor Graham Maxey explained how the approach works and the way he's used it with his clients. Developed by psychologist Dr. Allan Botkin while treating PTSD patients at the VA, the method involves a rhythmic pattern of stimulating one side of the brain and then the other through eye movements, tapping, or sound. As a therapist, Maxey looks for the core part of a patients' grief, and then asks them to re-experience it as they undergo the bilateral stimulation. After the technique, the level of a patient's psychological pain drops dramatically, he reported. View a list of trained therapists.

The last hour featured 'Sound Off' Open Lines.


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