Lunar Anomalies / Near-Death Experience

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Lunar Anomalies / Near-Death Experience

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In the first half, space science consultant Rick Sterling discussed his work with the Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR), an organization that examines anomalies on planets and moons that may have been the result of intelligent activity. There are a variety of structures both on the moon and Mars that have unusual shapes and stand out from the natural landscape when looked at with computer algorithms, he reported. For instance, in the crater Paracelsus C located on the far side of the moon, some structures resemble two walls on either side of a narrow valley or passageway, and the terrain seems to be excavated (related article). Researcher Paul Davies has suggested the possibility that we could be detecting the site of abandoned alien mining operations on the moon.

Sterling also cited a puzzling discovery on the lunar surface by an unmanned Soviet spacecraft in 1973-- a smooth-surfaced "monolith" about one meter in length. Scientists believe that the object was much younger than the pockmarked stones it was positioned near, and NASA was said to confirm its existence. He contends it is of utmost importance to fund the proposed 2024 Manned Lunar Program, which could be directed to investigate some of these objects that appear to be artificially constructed. Sterling shared links to important members of the House of Representatives & US Senate Appropriations Committees to allow the public to contact these individuals and express their support for the President's 2024 lunar program: | | |


In her senior year of college at the University of Texas at Austin, Tricia Barker was in a traumatic car accident. During her emergency medical treatment, she had a near-death experience (NDE). In the latter half, she recounted the events that unfolded that fateful night as well as what she learned about healing, survival, and transformation. Her back broken in three places, during emergency spinal surgery, she "woke up" and became convinced she had entered a spiritual reality-- she could see the doctors, and the operating room, yet there were angels or highly intelligent beings present as well, transmitting valuable information and light to her. She saw the monitor flatline as her spirit hovered above the scene. She then left the operating room and felt oneness and peace, as an intelligence streamed toward her from far away.

"As I transitioned through the night sky, I...ended up in the cosmos" and experienced a life-review, she recalled, and a message was imparted to her: treat people with kindness and see their goodness rather than being judgmental. Barker was extremely taken with this ethereal environment-- "I felt more alive dead than I feel alive," she quipped. Later, it was verified that her body was dead for just 2.5 minutes, "but if felt like days," Barker revealed. She spent time in a heavenly landscape with her deceased grandfather and began traveling closer to the pure light of God, an encompassing love that she was reluctant to leave. She was shown that her mission on Earth was to be a teacher, and was sent back to her body. She followed the heavenly advice and taught in schools for over two decades, and eventually became a medium, and also created the Annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit.

News segment guests: Scott Stevens, Georgette Noory (George's mom on her 90th birthday) & Pat Boone

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