Gravity, Voltage, & God / The Big Muddy Monster

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Gravity, Voltage, & God / The Big Muddy Monster

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In the first half, engineer and independent researcher Maurice Cotterell discussed developments in his study of the nature of gravity, voltage, and contradictions in physics. "Gravity is electromagnetic energy," he said, "and once we understand how electricity and magnetism work together, we can understand what gravity is." Relating this to human beings, electromagnetic energy or voltage which flows through the body could be considered the God inside us, whereas the body itself he views as the devil. He sees our physical realm as hell, which is pushed by two mechanisms-- astrology and reincarnation. God is light and love, he continued, and according to scriptures if we love each other, we can escape from hell.

"When God created human beings, he made sure there were twelve different types of personalities that would argue all the time-- that way there would always be war." But some souls, he continued, are 100,000 years old, and "if we love our neighbor than we come back as a higher voltage soul"-- this was represented by the saints that had halos over their heads. Explaining cosmology, Cotterell said God threw part of his energy away, and that launched our universe, and then evolution took over to create human beings.


In the latter half, paranormal researcher Chad Lewis reported on the 'Big Muddy Monster,' a 6-9 ft. tall, 400 plus pound creature with white fur, strange ears, a cone-shaped head, and glowing red eyes that has been spotted in the swampy parts of southern Illinois over the years (view related illustrations). The creature is often accompanied by a stench and appears mud-covered as though it had just come out of the river. In a 1973 incident, police showed up to investigate after a couple by the river said they were terrorized by the creature, and in a 1988 case, the monster attacked a garage in an old junkyard, and a witness said that its glowing red eyes seemed to be emanating their own light rather than being reflective. It was heard mumbling to itself, Lewis recounted, as though speaking in a strange language. He believes that the creature, which bears some resemblance to Missouri's Momo and other regional cryptids, may not be flesh-and-blood but rather some kind of "ultraterrestrial" that has a supernatural aspect.

He also detailed sightings of the bizarre winged being known as the Van Meter Visitor, which was first reported back in 1903 in the small town of Van Meter, Iowa. When it stood erect, it was around 9 ft. tall, and its wings folded out like a giant bat-- it was repeatedly seen late at night, and would fly off toward an abandoned coal mine that was suspected to be its lair. Though somewhat similar to descriptions of Mothman, the creature had a horn that projected light, he reported, and in one instance when a witness shot at it, the Van Meter Visitor emitted an odor that caused the shooter to partially lose their memory. Lewis also touched on sightings of lake monsters in Wisconsin and the Wendingo, a fearful cannibalistic monster of Native American lore.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Dr. Peter Breggin

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