UFO Investigations/ Manson Coverup

UFO Investigations/ Manson Coverup


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsChase Kloetzke, Tom O'Neill

In 2016, Chase Kloetzke became an official lobbyist for the UFO field, with a goal to inform elected leaders and scientists, breaching the secrecy and stigma the subject has experienced for decades. Kloetzke first commented on the difficulties encountered by women in the field of UFO studies, which she referred to as generally "a good old boys club." In spite of this, she has continued to investigate, and conducts her studies "using the scientific method" since, as she put it, "science doesn’t care what we believe."

Kloetzke lives in Washington D.C., where she briefs lawmakers on the UFO subject, and interest in the subject is at an all-time high, although she said there are some "meetings going on in Washington that I can’t talk about." She also discussed the work of the To The Stars Academy. Kloetzke can’t understand her colleagues who disparage the efforts of the organization, since she sees them as government insiders who are well-versed in how to present the UFO subject to lawmakers. She also lamented the lack of "forensic investigators" who work on UFO landing cases, remarking that "we’re still getting the reports. We’re just not getting people out there."


Twenty years ago, while journalist Tom O'Neill was researching the Manson murders, he unearthed shocking evidence of a cover-up behind the ‘’official’’ story, including police carelessness, legal misconduct, and potential surveillance by intelligence agents. When a tense interview with Vincent Bugliosi --prosecutor of the Manson Family, and author of Helter Skelter-- turned a friendly source into a nemesis, O'Neill knew he was onto something. In the second half, he said that when he began discovering discrepancies in the case that "there were things he [Bugliosi] didn’t want out there about his behavior" and even threatened O’Neill.

O’Neill also pursued various Hollywood luminaries such as Candice Bergen, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty, but they were generally tight-lipped about the case because, O’Neill said "they were friends with the victims, and were genuinely close" to them. The original public defender for Susan Atkins (one of the Manson Family members) was reassigned to an attorney that was friendly to the prosecution, O’Neill said. He pointed out that this made it impossible for her to receive a fair trial and tainted her testimony. When he showed what he had found to one of Bugliosi’s original assistants on the trial, he said the man suggested that the evidence would be enough for a retrial.



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