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Hollow Earth Account / Paranormal Psychology

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Hollow Earth researcher, adventurer, and documentary filmmaker Stephen Sindoni has been exploring the mystery of Earth origins for almost 20 years. In the first half of the program, he joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss his research into the Hollow Earth. According to Sindoni, he was introduced to the Hollow Earth after finding a copy of The Smoky God, Or, a Voyage to the Inner World written by Willis George Emerson in 1908. The book is presented as a true account of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen and his father who sailed their ship through an entrance to the Earth's interior near the North Pole, he explained.

Inside the Hollow Earth, Jansen claimed to have seen 9-foot tall penguins, Tyrannosaurus rex and other extinct animals, as well as asserted he and his father were welcomed by 12-foot tall giant humans who showed them the original Garden of Eden. The inner world is where everything began, Sindoni noted. He reported on his investigation into the life of Olaf Jansen (who was incarcerated in a mad house for 28 years for telling this story and only shared it again on his death bed), and determined he really existed and his account of what he experienced for two years inside the Hollow Earth is authentic.


In the latter part of the show, futurist, author, and neuroscientist Dr. Eric Haseltine explored how one might best cope with the aftermath of seeing things that are not supposed to exist. He talked about how to process and psychologically deal with experiences and ideas which don't fit one's world view, and how to see them as an opportunity to build character, cultivate hope and become a stronger person, in spite of what hardcore skeptics, non-believers, and those who mock and make fun of say and do.

"When we approach something in the unknown and we approach it in fear... then we're never going to get anywhere," Haseltine said, noting the greatest obstacle to advancing as humans is within us. Fear will always be there, and not everyone will be open to extraordinary experiences, he added. According to Haseltine, one of the problems is with human perception. "We tend to see and believe what we expect and want, and don't see or believe things we don't expect or don't want," he explained. Haseltine suggested looking at doubt and critics as a good thing as a way to turn rejection into a strength.

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