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Date Host George Noory
Guests Ralph Nader, Sherrie Dillard

Named by the Atlantic as one of the hundred most influential figures in American history, Ralph Nader and the dozens of citizen groups he has founded have helped us drive safer cars, eat healthier food, breathe better air, drink cleaner water, and work in safer workplaces. His activism began early as his parents encouraged him to participate in democracy, saying that children "trained at home, educated at school, and excited at the local library" formed the basis for an engaged population. His first book, Unsafe At Any Speed, instigated Congress to pass safety laws just nine months after the book was released. Nader said that, at the time, Detroit was "selling style, not selling safety."

He is still involved in attempting to get citizens directly involved with government with a new book and website which encourages people to form their own activist groups. Nader believes that "people have let go of their country. They don’t do their homework and are vulnerable to slogans" and that the antidote for this is grassroots action, which he characterized as "easy," if they follow his suggestions. He believes that "everything good in this country started out as dissent." Nader has always been motivated by what he called a "hatred for bullies" and he believes that "there are some pretty big bullies in the country; some of them are called corporations, some of them are called bureaucrats."


Psychic and medium Sherrie Dillard has taught development classes all over the world and at Duke University. In the second half, she discussed her psychic work with clients as an intuitive, as well as her work with police departments solving current and cold cases. Dillard said that she was "able to communicate with or see spirits when I was young" and that this increased as she entered her teenage years. Making use of "guides" who give advice and steer her abilities, she said the guides actually trained her to be a professional psychic, which she hadn’t considered as a career.

Dillard recalled how in 2005, a police detective called her to ask with help on a cold murder case. She described "something that got his attention," which was a detail from the victim’s (whom she had never met) home. Dillard said that she was eventually able to lead officers right to the suspect’s apartment. In spite of exposure to these kinds of cases, Dillard says she believes that "the soul is good," but "there are dark forces out there" which "can attach and work through people." Dillard also suggested that some humans may reincarnate on other planets in other star systems and try to become "aliens." She thinks that a veil between our world and the spiritual one is now less defined and this will soon lead to more sightings of UFOs and their occupants.

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