The New Genetic World / The Great Flood & Medical Cannabis

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The New Genetic World / The Great Flood & Medical Cannabis

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Peter Ward Ph.D. has published more than 140 scientific papers dealing with paleontological, zoological, and astronomical topics. In the first half, he spoke about the new world of genetics, and how CRISPR DNA sequences might be used to create supersoldiers. We are on the verge of creating a soldier who can operate with little sleep, food, or water, kill readily, have increased strength, as well as be smarter, bigger, and taller, he detailed. Each of these traits, he said, "can be enhanced by inserting just one gene." The proof of concept for this has been demonstrated by the Chinese who inserted one gene into slender whippet dogs, and they turned into "great big muscular brutes," he reported, and they've also tried out the technique on a human embryo.

To combat global warming, plants can be genetically engineered to withstand greater heat, as well to have higher yields, and shorter times to fruition, which will help feed the expanding population. While there are concerns about GMO foods, Ward suggested that it's a trade-off and safeguards can be put in place. Regarding the possible creation of supersoldiers, "there has to be control somehow...there's just too much possibility of disaster by genes jumping into the wrong creatures," he cautioned. He also expressed concern over diseases and pathogens being tinkered with using CRISPR technology, unleashing deadly havoc on the populace.


Author and activist Daniel Louis Crumpton has been researching the areas of philosophy, spirituality, alternative history and politics with an irreverent point of view. In the latter half, he addressed the rapid changes happening in culture and law regarding the use of cannabis, as well as his research into the Great Flood and what types of evidence there is for it. It's possible that major impact craters on the moon happened within a 30-minute period and that could be associated with the time of global floods on Earth, he suggested. Crumpton further believes that the flood was a type of intervention by a force greater than the Watchers (fallen angels according to the Book of Enoch).

In tandem with the organization CannaSense, he's become an advocate for the healing aspects of medical cannabis (marijuana). For various disorders such as glaucoma, the plant can be helpful for alleviating symptoms, he noted, and it's also been effectively used by cancer patients for reducing pain and increasing appetite. He associates the acceptance and resurgence of cannabis with humanity's evolution and people becoming more spiritually attuned.

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