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Climate Change Theories/ Moving Halloween

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Civil engineer for over 30 years, Joseph A. Olson worked with Dr. Tim Ball and other scientists on a text debunking the greenhouse gas theory. In the first half, he discussed theories and observations on which forces are shaping the climate, global temperatures, and seismic activity. Olson is a member of Principia Scientific International, a non-profit group in the UK, comprised of scientists and engineers who dispute the claims that excess CO2 is causing climate change. He covered the history of greenhouse gas science dating back to the 19th-century and cited that inadequate scientific data of that era, led to erroneous assumptions.

Earth has gone through many drastic weather changes over its lifetime (including a 10-million-year freeze), and these were not due to man-made causes but rather natural cycles, he indicated. Olson suggested that core temperatures of the planet and climate factors could be affected by seismic and volcanic activity. Regarding global warming, Olson believes our civilization is not in catastrophic danger, and the debate over climate science has been deliberately instigated by those in power to drive a wedge in the populace so they can't unite together. Olson also shared his views on the Apollo moon landings, which based on various scientific parameters, he has concluded were hoaxed.


Well-known voice of occult and esoteric ideas, and PEN Award-winning historian, Mitch Horowitz spoke about the petition to move Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October, as well as other occult topics. While sympathetic to parents wanting to take their kids out trick or treating over the weekend, he is opposed to moving the date as it's tied to the ancient Celtic holiday. Celebrating October 31st is a sacred tradition, he continued, which speaks of the time when the veil is thinnest between the living and the dead, and we might have more success in contacting our ancestors. Further, he suspects the proposal to move the date is backed by commercial interests, such as candy makers, who think they'll sell more product if the holiday falls on the weekend.

Horowitz shared some curious Halloween traditions, such as the "Dumb Supper" in which young women silently prepare a meal backward, and then hope to see a vision of their future husband in an empty seat at the table. He also talked about how the use of the Ouija board need not always have negative consequences (Jane Roberts initially received the insightful Seth material via the board) and suggested that George reconsider doing his live Ouija experiment. Mitch announced his forthcoming book, Secrets of Self-Mastery due out in January 2020. During the last hour, callers weighed in on the Halloween petition, with the majority against changing the date.

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